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    Levie Liepman Samson, died 12 Oct 1809 Rotterdam, buried at Jewish cemetery Oostzeedijk in Rotterdam - tombstone (158)Rij2-031: Liepman bar Samson, died on 7 Marcheshvan and was buried on 9 Marcheshvan 5570, son of Samson Joseph and Elisabeth Rivka-Edel Jacob
    Married 1 Feb 1769 Rotterdam, banns in Rotterdam on 8 Dec 1768. to:
    Debora Philip Levij, birth 1742 Rotterdam, died 26 Nov 1811 Rotterdam, Debora Levbij, 70 yrs.old, daughter of Philip Levij, moneychanger & Grietje Jacobs, , spouse of Levij Samson.
    Notidier: Moses Levij, 29 yrs, tradesman, son.
    , daughter of Philip Levie and Judith Grietje Jacob
    1) Hester Ester Levie de Sterke, birth 1766 Maassluis, died 2 Jun 1840 Druten, Hester Levi de Sterke/Ester bat Liepman, spouse of
    1) Izak Simon de Vries
    2) Moses Nathan
    3) Elias Lazarus v.d.Broek
    daughter of Levi/Liepman Samson de Sterke & Debora Levi
    died in Druten on 2 Jun 1840.
    buried at Jewish cemetery of Geffen - tombstone (101)72 on 4 Jun 1840.

    Married 22 May 1804 Willemstad, Mozes Nathan from Vaal[s] near Maastricht, widower and Hester Levie from Rotterdam. to:
    Mozes Nathan, birth ± 1760 Aachen, died 24 Apr 1813 Willemstad, 52 yrs.old, born in Aachen, spouse of Hester Levie.
    2) Alida Aaltje Gole Liepman de Sterke Sluijs, birth 1773 Maassluis, died 4 Jul 1858 Rotterdam, notification on 5 Jul 1859 in act 1824 of the death on 4 Jul of Aaltje Levij de Sterke, 85 yrs.& 10 months old, born in Maassluis,residing in Rotterdam, widow of Samuel Stokvis, daughter of Levij de Sterke & Sipora de Vries [?], both deceased.
    Married 30 Oct 1803 Rotterdam, banns in Rotterdam on 9 Oct 1803 - Samuel Levie frpm Amersfoort and Aaltje Levie from Rotterdam to:
    Samuel Raphael Stokvis-Levie, birth 5 Jul 1779 Amersfoort, circumcised on 12 Jul 1779 by mohel Isaac Auerbach., son of Raphael Joseph Levie and Clara Joseph Stokvis
    3) Betje Levij de Sterke, birth 1784 Rotterdam
    Married 18 Jul 1822 Hellevoetsluis, Levie Hartog, 54 yrs.old, born in Gaarsheim near Manheim, shopkeeper, son of Hartog Machiel, deceased on 23 May 1778 & Vrouwtje Abraham, deceased 17 Feb 1772, both in Gaarsheim, widower of Hester Mozes v.Emden. and
    Betje Levij de Sterke, 38 yrs.old, born and residing in Rotterdam, daughter of Levij Samson, deceased in Rotterdam on 12 Oct 1809 & Debora Levij, deceased in Rotterdam on 26 Nov 1811.
    Levij Hartog Naftali, birth ± 1768 Gaarsheim near Manheim
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