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    Family page
    Isaac Eliaser Goubets, birth Middelburg, died 22 Jun 1810 Middelburg, buried at jewish cemetery of Middelburg, tombstone (202)15-5: Itsak Gobets, died in 5570.
    Married ± 1784 to:
    Matje Marcus Boas, died 3 Apr 1793 Middelburg
    1) Jetje Izak Eliazer Goubetz, birth 18 Jan 1785 Middelburg, died 28 Oct 1857 Middelburg, Jetje Goubetz, from Middelburg, 72 yrs.old.
    Married 22 Nov 1821 Middelburg, Mozes Simon Pinto. born in Amsterdam on 1 Oct 1786, son of Simon David, deceased 2 Dec 1789[?], & Naatje Levie Pinto, and
    Jetje Izak Eliazer, born in Middelburg on 18 Jan 1785, daughter of of Izak Eliazer, deceased on 22 Jun 1810 & Matje Marcus Boas, deceased 3 Apr 1793, both buried in Middelburg.
    Mozes Simon Pinto, birth 1 Oct 1786 Amsterdam, died 20 Sep 1826 Middelburg, Mozes Simon Pinto, 40 yrs.old, spouse of Judik Izaak Eliazer., son of Salomon Simon Samson David and Annaatje Levie Pinto
    2) Kaatje Eliasar, birth 1791 Middelburg
    Married 2 Oct 1823 Middelburg, Levi Simon Pinto, from Amsterdam, 36 yrs.old, son of Simon David Pinto & Naatje Levie Pinto, and
    Kaatje Eliasar, from Middelburg, 32 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Eliasar & Matje Marcus Boas.
    Levie Simon Pinto, birth 1787 Amsterdam, died 2 Mar 1862 Middelburg, Levie Simon Pinto, from Amsterdam, 74 yrs.old, son of Simon Pinto & Naatje Levie Pinto, widower of Kaatje Izak Goubets., son of Salomon Simon Samson David and Annaatje Levie Pinto

    Family page
    Isaac Eliaser Goubets
    Married 1794 Amsterdam, dtb 760/517; groom widower of Matje Boas; bride widow of Salomon David. to:
    Annaatje Levie Pinto, birth 1764 Maarssen, died 11 Sep 1843 Middelburg, Naatje Pinto, 79 yrs.old, born in Maarssen, residing in Middelburg, widow of Izaac Eliazar Goubet.
    Notifier: Levie Jacob Pinto, 42 yrs.old, residing in Middelburg, son-in-law.

    buried at the jewish cemetery of Middelburg, tombstone (202)05-1: Hanna, widow of Itsak Goibetz z.l.
    died on Monday 16 Elul, and was buried on Wednesday the 18th of it 5603.
    1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Levie Samuel Pinto and Judith Jetta Juda
    1) Saartje Isaak Eliazer, birth 1798 Middelburg
    Married 23 Jun 1825 Middelburg, Levij Jacob Pinto, from Utrecht, 24 yrs.old, son of Jacob Pinto & Aagje Hartog, and
    Saartje Isaak Eliaser, from Middelburg, 26 yrs.old, daughter of Isaak Eliazer & Maatje[?, = Naatje] Levie Pinto.
    Levij Jacob Pinto, birth 1800 Utrecht, son of Jacob Levie Pinto and Agie Rachel Hartog de Jong
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