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    Salomon Levie v.Thijn, birth 1768 Katwijk, died 25 Jul 1852 Zaandam, Salomon Levie v.Thijn, from Katwijk, 84 yrs.old, son of Levie v.Thijn & Saartje v.Thijn, widower of Schoontje v.d.Waal., son of Levie Nathan Cohen-Tijn and Sara Goudschalk
    Married ± 1796 to:
    Schoontje Benjamin v.d.Waal, birth 1769 Schijndel, died 4 Jan 1834 Zaandam, Schoontje Benjamin v.d.Waal, from Schijndel, 64 yrs.old, daughter of Benjamin v.d.Waal & Judith Cohen, spouse of Salomon Levie Vanthijn.
    1) Anna Salomon v.Tijn, birth 18 Jul 1797 Zaandam
    Married 21 Dec 1823 Zaandam, Barend Abraham v.Tijn, from Uitheest, 27 yrs.old, butcher, son of Abraham Levie v.Tijn & Judith Nathan, and
    Anna Salomon v.Tijn, from Zaandam, 26 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon Levie v.Tijn, butcher & Schoontje v.d.Waal.
    Barend Abraham v.Tijn, birth 15 Sep 1796 Uitgeest, circumcised on 22 Sep 1796 in Uitgeest, son of Abraham Levie Leib Cohen-Tijn and Judith Jacob Jokele Sobernheim
    2) Levie Salomon v.Thijn-Cohen, birth 19 Feb 1798 Amsterdam, circumcised on 26 Feb 1798 in Amsterdam
    Married 30 Jan 1825 Zaandam, Levie Salomon Cohen, currently writing Levie Salomon v.Thijn, circumcised on 26 Feb 1798 in Amsterdam, son of Salomon Levie v.Thijn & Schoontje Benjamins v.d.waal, and
    Kaatje Emanuel Blok, born on 29 Sep 1800 in Kuilenburg, daughter of Emanuel Jacob Blok & Klaartje Levie v.Thijn.
    Kaatje Emanuel Blok, birth 29 Sep 1800 Kuilenburg, daughter of Emanuel Jacob Blok and Claartje Levie Fontein
    3) Benjamin Salomon v.Tijn, birth 1801 Zaandam
    Married 9 Feb 1831 Haarlem, Benjamin Salomon v.Tijn, born in Zaandam, 29 yrs.old, son of Salomon Levie v.Tijn & Schoontje Benjamin v.d.waal, and
    Rijntje Marcus, from Haarlem, 28 yrs.old, daughter of David Gabriel Marcus & Roosje Simons.
    Salomon v.Tijn, 61 yrs.old, residing in Zaandam, father
    David Gabriel Marcus, 57 yrs.old, father.
    Rijntje Marcus, birth 1802 Haarlem, daughter of David Gabriel Marcus and Roosje Simons
    4) Sara v.Thijn, birth 17 Feb 1806 Zaandam
    Married 29 Dec 1833 Zaandam, Isaac Wolf Vet, circumcised on 27 Dec 1810 in Amsterdam, son of Wolf Levij Vet & Grietje Cohen, and
    Sara v.Thijn, born on 17 Feb 1806 in Zaandam, daughter of Salomon Levij v.Thijn & Schoontje Benjamins v.d.Waal.
    Witnesses: bride's brothers Levij Benjamin v.Thijn & Nathan v.Thijn.
    Isaac Eizik Benjamin Wolf Vet Fet Milchman, birth 27 Dec 1810 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
    on 27 Dec 1810 - birth of Eizik ben Wolf Milchman; child's mother: Gittele bat Eizik ben Lazi Cohen.
    on 3 Jan 1811 - circumcision of Eizik ben Wolf at Uilenburg.
    [previous child with same name:
    on 24 Nissan 5555 - circumcision of Isaac Eizik ben Benjamin Wolf ben Liepman, son-in-law of Eizik El'azar]
    , son of Benjamin Wolf Levie Eliaser Liepman Vet Fet Milchman and Geertje Gittele Isaac Eizik Cohen
    5) Abraham Salomon v.Thijn, birth 22 Feb 1808 Amsterdam, circumcision on 29 Feb 1808 in Amsterdam
    Married 17 Feb 1839 Zaandam, Abraham Salomon v.Thijn, circumcised on 29 feb 1808 in Amsterdam, son of salomon Levij v.Thijn & Schoontje Benjamin v.d.Waal, and
    Bloempje Salomon Levie, born on 15 Sep 1907 in Groningen, daughter of Salomon Abraham Levie & Hester Meijer.
    Bloempje Salomon Levie, birth 15 Sep 1807 Groningen
    6) Elisabeth v.Thijn, birth 17 Apr 1813 Zaandam
    Married 29 Dec 1839 Zaandam, Adolf Samuel Blog, born on 12 Apr 1809 in Harlingen, son of Samuel Jacob Blog & Derkje Mozes Benjamin, both deceased, and
    Elisabeth v.Thijn, born on 17 Apr 1813 in Zaandam, daughter of Salomon Levie v.Thijn & Schoontje Benjamin v.d.Waal.
    Adolph Raphael Samuel Blog, birth 1809 Harlingen, occupation: ritual slaughterer & baker in Zaandam, son of Samuel Jacob Blog and Deerkje Dobresh Mozes Moshe-Leib Benjamin (Schreiber)
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