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Joseph Levie v.Rood
Married ± 1808 Hilversum? to:
Neeltje Abraham Swelheim, daughter of Abraham Jacob Swelheim-Cohen and N.N.
1) Levie Joseph Cohen-v.Rood, birth 5 Oct 1801 Amsterdam
Married 18 Jun 1834 Hilversum, Levie Joseph Cohen v.Rood, born on 5 Oct 1801 in Amsterdam, circumcised on 13 Oct 1801, son of Joseph Levie v.Rood, deceased on 11 Jan 1815 in Hilversum, & Neeltje Swelheim, and
Rachel Jacob Weinthal, widow of Salomon Joseph Cohen, a.k.a. Rachel Levij, born in Emden on 16 Nov 1797, residing in Amsterdam, daughter of Jacob Lazarus Weinthal, a.k.a. Levij Koopman & Rachel Salomon Aarons, resing in Emden.

Salomon Joseph Covens[!], married to Rachel Jacob Weinthal, died on 28 Sep 1820 in Amsterdam.

announcement on intended marriage in Hilversum, on 8 Jun 1834 in Amsterdam:
Levie Joseph Cohen v.Rooi, salesman, living in Hilversum, son of Joseph Levij v.Rooij, deceased & Neeltje Swelheim, residing there, and
Rachel Jacob Weinthal, from Amsterdam, widow of Salomon Joseph Covens, daughter of Jacob Lazarus Weinthal, salesman & Rachel Salomon Arons, in Emden.
Rachel Jacob Weinthal, birth ± 1798 Emden 1st marriage 2nd marriage
2) Abram Joseph v.Rood, birth ± 1805 Hilversum
Married 28 Apr 1830 Hilversum, Abram v.Rood, 24 yrs.old, from Hilversum and Kaatje Benjamin Hartog de Leeuw, 32 yrs.old, from Hilversum.
Parents groom: Joseph Levij v.Rood & Neeltje Swelheim
Parents bride: Benjamin Hartog de Leeuw & Eva Jacobs.
Kaatje Benjamin de Leeuw, birth ± 1797 Hilversum
3) Andries Joseph v.Rood, birth ± 1808 Hilversum
Married 21 Sep 1842 Amsterdam, from Fresco-Brilleman-file on synagogual marriages (synagogual marriage on 1 Mar 1843):
Andries Joseph v.Rood, 34 yrs.old, born & living in Hilversum, son of Joseph Levie v.Rood z.l. & Neeltje Abraham Swelheim in Hilversum, and
Naatje Alexander Bruske, 33 yrs.old, daughter of Alexander Joseph Bruske, 65 yrs.old & Rebecca Levie Zacharias.
Naatje Alexander Bruske, birth ± 1809 Amsterdam, daughter of Alexander Zoesman Joseph Briske and Betje Rivka Levie Leib Zacharias Turfkruyer
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