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Benjamin Jonas Cohen-Amesfoort, birth 8 Jul 1725 Amersfoort, died 12 Feb 1800 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: pum Benjamin ben pum Jona Cohen-Amesfoort., son of Jonas Ezechiel Cohen-Amesfoort and Sara Benjamin Italiaander
Married 13 Oct 1744 Amersfoort, banns in Amersfoort on 25 May 1744 to:
Eva Jacob Jokeb Cohen-Arnhem, died 3 Apr 1765 Amersfoort, Muiderberg cemetery: wife of Benjamin ben Jona Amesfoort, daughter of Jokeb Harnem, died in Amersfoort,, daughter of Jacob Jokeb Ezechiel Cohen and Lea Abraham Chlavna Lapidoth
1) Lydia Lea Benjamin Cohen, birth ± 1748 Amersfoort, died 31 Jul 1809 London, at Finsbury Square.
Married 6 Apr 1770 Amersfoort, banns on 23 Mar 1770 in Amersfoort.
groom is son of Barend/Ber Gompert (died 1768) &Rachel Benjamin Isaac
Salomon Barent Gompertz, birth ± 1729, died 31 Jul 1808 London, at Finsbury Square, son of Barend Ber Lion Leib Gompert Emmerich and Rachel Benjamin Isaac
2) Marianne Merle Benjamin Cohen, birth ± 1749 Amersfoort, died 9 Aug 1803 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 9 Aug 1803 - widow of David ben Abraham Rintel
Married 10 Dec 1779 Amersfoort, banns in Amersfoort on 26 Nov 1779 in Amersfoort to:
David Abraham Meijer Rintel, died 1790 Arnhem
3) Ezechiel Benjamin Cohen, birth 1750 Amersfoort, baptised 7 Aug 1802 Warmbrunn, Schlesien, changed his name to Eduard Johann Baptist Cohen, died 1813 Berlin
Married 22 Sep 1780 Amersfoort, banns on 8 Sep 1780 in Amersfoort. to:
Jeanette Meijer
4) Abraham Benjamin Cohen-Amesfoort, birth 2 Oct 1752 Amersfoort, died 9 Jan 1824 Tours, France
Married 26 Jan 1781 Amersfoort, banns on 12 Jan 1781 in Amersfoort to:
Elisabeth Salomon Gompertz, birth London, died 12 Jan 1794 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: wife of Abraham ben pum mhor"r Benjamin Amesfoort., daughter of Salomon Barent Gompertz and Martha Moses Hijman
5) Rebecca Benjamin Cohen, birth ± Mar 1753 Amersfoort, died 28 Aug 1811 Amsterdam, uiderberg cemetery: on 10 Elul 1811 [30 Aug 1811] - Rebecca bat Benjamin Cohen Amesfoort.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Rebecca Cohen, 58.5 yrs.old, spouse of Levie Oppenheim, born in Amersfoort, daughter of Benjamin Cohen, who lived in Amsterdam.
Notifiers: Jonas Daniel Meijer, 31 yrs.old, nephew, member of the judicial court & Abraham David Meijer, 30 yrs.old, cousin, barrister. The deceased was their aunt.
(info Dini Hansma)

Married 4 Jul 1790 Baambrugge, banns on 16 Jun 1790 in Amsterdam: dtb 758/182; groom: Levie Susskind Oppenheim, born 1765 in Konigsbergen, accompanied by father Susskind Oppenheim; bride: Rebecca Benjamin Cohen, born in Amersfoort in 1768[?], accompanied by father Benjamin Cohe n. to:
Levie Susskind Oppenheim, birth 1765 Koningsbergen, Prussia, died 1 Jun 1838 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 3 Jun 1838 - Levie/Leib ben Ziskind Oppenheim.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

n 1 Jun 1838 - Levie Oppenheim, 76 yrs.old, born in Koningsbergen, spouse of Rosa Amsel.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
6) Rachel Benjamin Cohen, died 1778 Amersfoort
7) Sara Benjamin Cohen, birth before 1759 Amersfoort, died after 1809
Married 17 Nov 1784 Amersfoort, banns in Amsterdam on 21 Oct 1784: dtb 764/449
banns in Amersfoort on 15 Oct 1784
groom is son of Ephraim Veitel;
marriage contract in Amsterdam on 23 Mar 1784
Achard Ephraim, birth after 1759 Berlin, son of Ephraim Veitel and N.N.
8) Emanue Man Benjamin Cohen, birth 1764 Amsterdam, died 1 Jan 1793 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Man ben pum mhor"r Benjamin Cohen Amesfoort
Married 2 Dec 1791 Amersfoort, dtb 759/48 on 11 Aug 1791; witn.groom: f.Benjamin Cohen; bride widow of Mozes Daniel Itzig.

Announcements of intended marriage also in Amersfoort on 18 Nov, 23 Nov and 2 Dec 1791:
Emanuel Cohen, currently from Amsterdam and Marianne Oppenheim, widow of Mozes David Itzig, also from Amsterdam
Marianne Oppenheim, birth Koningsbergen

Family page
Benjamin Jonas Cohen-Amesfoort
Married 6 Dec 1765 Amersfoort to:
Chaja Abraham Meijer Rintel, birth 1 May 1730, died 5 Jan 1793 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Chayale, spouse of pum Benjamin Cohen Amesfoort.
1) Ephraim Benjamin Cohen, birth 21 Dec 1766 Amersfoort, baptised 25 Apr 1800 Berlin, died 29 Nov 1844 Velsen
Married 1 May 1794 Berlin to:
Philippine Amelie Bernhard, birth ± 1774 Berlin, died 17 Dec 1833 Berlin

Family page
Benjamin Jonas Cohen-Amesfoort
Married 12 Feb 1794 Amsterdam, dtb 760/293 on 22 Jan 1794; groom widower of Chaja Abraham Meijer; bride widow of Hijman Anspacher. to:
Kreula Samuel, birth Furth
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