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Jonas Levi Boddingh, birth ± 1763 Hilversum, died 30 Nov 1844 Hilversum, Jonas Bodding, from Hilversum, 91 yrs.old, son of Levie Bodding & ??, spouse of Clara v.Fijn[?, =? v.Tijn]?, son of Levi Bodding and N.N.
Married ± 1794 Hilversum? to:
Heintje Meijer
1) Saartje Jonas Bodding, birth ± 1794 Hilversum
Married 25 Oct 1815 Hilversum, Samuel Emanuel v.d.Hoek, 25 yrs.old, from Naarden, son of Emanuel Samuel & Lea Joseph Trabels[!], and
Saartje Jonas Bodding, 21 yrs.old, from Hilversum, daughter of Jonas Bodding & Heintje Meyer.
Samuel Emanuel v.d.Hoek, birth ± 1790 Naarden, son of Emanuel Mantje Samuel Polak v.Naarden and Lea Joseph Treibits
2) Meyer Jonas Boddingh, birth ± 1804 Hilversum, died 8 Feb 1847 Utrecht, Meyer Jonas Bodding, 42 yrs.old, spouse of Sara v.Ijzer, son of Jonas Levie Bodding & Heintje Meijers.
Married 16 Apr 1828 Hilversum, Meyer Jonas Boddingh, from Hilversum, 23 yrd.old, butcher, son of Jonas Levi Boddingh, butcher & Heijntje Meijers, and
Sara Daniel v.Ijzer, from Hilversum. 20 yrs.old, daughter of Daniel Hartog v.Ijzer, roadside vendor & Beletje Levi.
Sara Daniel v,Ijzer, birth ± 1807 Amsterdam?, daughter of Daniel Netanel Hartog Hirts Ijzer-Levie and Bele Levie
3) Levij Jonas Bodding
Married 12 Jun 1839 Nijmegen, Levij Jonas Bodding, office clerk, son of Jonas Levij Bodding & Heintje Meijer, and
Sophia Polak, daughter of Louis Polak & Gelukie Hertz.
Sophia Polak
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