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Abraham Moresco, birth The Hague
Married 22 Aug 1766 The Hague, t.a. in The Hague on 10 Sivan 5526 (18 May 1766):
groom: Abraham ben Moshe Moresco
bride: Gitche bat late Jacob z.l, accompanied by stepfather Aron ben Eli' P"Ch
bride's mother Mata bat late Uriel Cohen donates fl. 1000,- as dowey to het daughter the bride Gitche bat Jacob z.l; she signs the act as Mata bat Feibel Kats.
Cornelia Gitche Jacob de Jong, birth Amsterdam, daughter of Jacob Samuel de Jong A"B and Marretje Mata Philip Uri-Feibel Cohen
1) Moses Abraham Morisco, died 1809 Zwartewaal
Married 9 Apr1804 Zwartewaal, 1st proclamations on intended marriage in Zwartewaal on 15 Mar 1804: Moses Abraham Morisco, bachelor, from The Hague and Bettie Davids, maiden, born in Oudbeijerland, residing in Heenvliet. to:
Betje Davids Krevel, birth Aug 1778 Oud-Beijerland, died 19 Oct 1845 Hellevoetsluis, notification on 20 Oct 1845 by Louis Morisco, 37 yrs.old, tradesman, son of the deceased, who declares, that Betje Davids v.Krevel has died on 19 Oct 1845 in Hellevoetsluis, 70 yrs.of age, widow of Moses Morisco, now married to Andries David Overs trijd. 1st marriage 2nd marriage
2) Rachel Abraham Moresco, died ± 1803 Zwartewaal?
Married 19 Apr 1795 The Hague to:
Wolf Soesman, birth Endening, kurfuerstendom Koln
3) Sara Morisco, birth The Hague
Married 26 Jun 1803 Zwartewaal, 1st proclamation on intended marriage in Zwartewaal on 2 Jun 1803: Wolff Zoetsman, widower of Rachel Morisco, born in Endening under the kuerfurst of Koln and
Sara Morisco, maiden, from The Hague.
Wolf Soesman, birth Endening, kurfuerstendom Koln
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