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Jacob Emanuel Cassier, died 29 Aug 1794 Leiden, on 30 Aug 1794 the corpse of Jacob Emanuel, 46 yrs.old is reported; died on 29 Aug, to be transported to Catwijk., son of Emanuel Cassier and N.N.
Married ± 1790 Leiden to:
Lea Jacobs
1) Isaac Jacob Cassier, birth ± 1790 Leiden
Married 3 Dec 1818 Leiden, Izak Cassier, 28 yrs.old. from Leiden, son of Jacob Emanuel Cassier & Lea Jacobs. and
Naatje v.d.Velden, 25 yrs.old, from Leiden, daughter of Izak v.d.Velden & Abigael Cohen.
Naatje v.d.Velden, birth ± 1793 Leiden
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