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Nehm Jacob Abraham, birth 27 Jan 1804 Wandsbeck, Danmark
Married 1 Dec 1838 Hasselt, Rebecca Levie Ruben v.Boelen, from Amsterdam, 36 yrs.old, tradeswoman, widow of Moses Frij, and
Nehm Jacob Abraham, born on 27 Jan 1804 in Wandsbeck, Danmark, tradesman, son of Jacob Abraham & Cwerle Nehm.
Rebecca Levij Ruben v.Boelen, birth ± 1802 Amsterdam, born in 1802 in Amsterdam according to homologised birth act passed on 7 Feb 1823 in Amsterdam, with the following witnesses:
1) Alexander Jacob Linteman, tradesman, at Batavierstr, uncle
2) Naatje Meyer Koopman, spouse of 3)
3) Meyer Jacob Linteman, shopkeeper, at Hoogstr, uncle
4) Jacob Meyer Koopman, vendor, at Uilenburgerstr
5) Henry Bonnet, tradesman, at Zwanenburgergracht
6) David Jacob Polak, tradesman, at St.Anthoniebreestr
7) Moses Elias Snitsler, caretaker, at Weesperstr.
1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Levie Leib Ruben v.Boelen-Levie and Bele Boele Jacob Linteman
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