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Eliazar Israel de Vrede, birth ± 1766 Rotterdam, died 9 Nov 1855 Rotterdam, Eliazar Israel de Vrede, born in Rotterdam, 89 yrs.old, son of Israel de Vrede & Johanna Salomons, spouse of Roosje Isaac Haas.
Married 15 Aug 1802 Rotterdam, Eliazar Israel from Rotterdam and Roosje Isaac from Rotterdam
Banns on 28 Jul 1802
Roosje Isaac de Haas, birth ± 1777, died 25 Mar 1865 Rotterdam, Roosje Isaak de Haas, 87 yrs.old, daughter of Isaak de Haas & Eva de Haas, widow of Eliazar Israel de Vrede.
1) Judith de Vrede, birth 12 Oct 1813 Rotterdam
Married 13 Feb 1839 Rotterdam, Emanuel Piller, from The Hague, 31 yrs.old, son of Boas Elkan Piller & Hesje Hartog, and
Judith de Vrede, from Rotterdam, 25 yrs.old, daughter of Eliazar Israel de Vrede & Roosje de Haas.
Emanuel Boas Piller, birth 25 Dec 1807 The Hague, Jewish community of The Hague - birth registrations:
Emanuel Piller, son of Boas Elkan Piller & Hesje Hartog.
, son of Boas Elkan Piller and Esther Hartog Emanuel
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