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Samson Jacob Swaab, birth ± 1764 Nijmegen, died 7 Aug 1816 Nijmegen, Samson Swaahb, tradesman, widower of Sibilla Aron Pinas, from Nijmegen, 52 yrs.old, tradesman., son of Jacob Samson Kuijk and Klara Joseph
Married ± 1791 Nijmegen to:
Sibilla Arons, birth ± 1767, died 18 Dec 1806 Nijmegen, Samson Jacobs took care of the burial of his spouse Sibilla Aronds, 39 yrs.old, at the Koornmarkt, leaving children.
1) Nanette Naatje Nenetie Swaab, birth ± 1791 Nijmegen, Samson Jacob Kuijk & spouse Paijer Aron Cleve gave birth to the child Nenetie on 10 Sep 1791., died 27 Feb 1855 Rorrerdam, Nenetie Swaab, 63 yrs. & 5 months old, daughter of Samson Jacob Swaab & Sibilla Arons, spouse of Salomon Snoek.
Married 13 Nov 1816 Rotterdam, Salomon Snoek, from Rotterdam, 23 yrs.old, son of Abraham Jacob Swaab & Sijntje Snoek, and
Nanette Swaab, from Nijmegen, 25 yrs.old, daughter of Samson Jacob Swaab & Sibella Arons.
Salomon Snoek, birth 4 Apr 1793 Rotterdam, circumcised on 11 Apr 1793 in Rotterdam, died 11 Dec 1875 Rotterdam, Salomon Snoek, 82 yrs.old, son of Abraham Jacob Snoek & Susanna Snoek, spouse of Saartje Wolf, previously widower of Nenette Swaab., son of Abraham Jacob and Sijntje Schoontje Meijer Snoek
2) Adelaide Swaab, birth ± 1804 Nijmegen
Married 7 Aug 1839 Rotterdam, Isaac Franzie, from rotterdam, 41 yrs.old, son of Salomon Marcus Franzie & Engeltje Joseph, [widower of Sara Fromet], and
Adelaide Swaab, from Nijmegen, 35 yrs.old, daughter of Sebastien Swaab & Sibilla Arndt Pinas.
Isaac Salomon Franzie, birth ± 1798 Rotterdam, died 24 Dec 1849 Rotterdam, Isaac Franzie, 51 yrs. & 11 months old, spouse of Adelaide Swaab, previously widower of Sara Fromet., son of Salomon Marcus Meyer Franzie and Engel Joseph
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