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Joseph Josephs de Vries, birth 17 Feb 1800 Alphen, died 19 May 1845 Gouda, Joseph Josephs de Vries, 45 yrs.old, spouse of Matje Slagter.

by decision of the arrondissement court of Rotterdam d.d. 26 Nov 1847 the name of the partner of the deceased person has been improved to Matje Barends Simon.

Married 27 Apr 1823 Bolsward, Joseph Josephs de Vries, born in Alphen, circumcised on 24 Feb 1800, residing in Bolsward, son of Joseph Jacob de Vries, deceased on 11 Jan 1811 and buried at Zeeburg cemetery[?; on Zeeburg is buried on 11 Jan 1811 - Jonas Jacob] & Schoontje Josep hs, residing in Amsterdam, and
Matje Barends Simon, born in Mijdrecht in Apr 1798, residing in Leeuwarden, daughter of Barend Simon, deceased in Uithoorn in Apr 1811 & Judik Hijman.
Mietje Barend Simon, birth Apr 1798 Mijdrecht, died 5 May 1853 Gouda, Mietje Barend Simon, 54 yrs.old, daughter of Barend Simon & Judik Heijman, spouse of Abraham Jacob Trijbits, previously widow of Joseph Josephs de Vries. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Barend Simon Hamelendorf and Judik Heijman
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