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    On the 8th of July 2009 the following has been agreed between the Dutch Red Cross in The Hague and Amoetat Akevoth:- Family members of perished Holocaust victims included in the In Memoriam database, can turn , when interested, to the Dutch Red Cross, using the following request form, for further information. (additional details, documentation, etc.-when available).
    The filled-in form will be send directly to the proper authority of the Dutch Red Cross in The Hague.
     The Dutch Red Cross has assured us, that, where Dutch Holocaust victims are concerned, the ITS archives in Arolsen, recently made available, do not contain any information nor documentation that is not available in the huge archives of the Red Cross in the Netherlands.
     These archives are better organized than the ITS archives, nevertheless further steps are taken to improve the accessibility and digitalization of the material archived, in the future.
     We therefore recommend to use this opportunity for the request of further information, now provided, instead of turning to other alternative international sources.
    A similar agreement was reached with the Remembrance Center of Camp Westerbork on the 4th of January 2010.

    (See the tab Write to the Memorial Center Camp Westerbork)
    Both the Dutch Red Cross and the Remembrance Center of Camp Westerbork (Herinnerings Centrum Westerbork) - http://www.westerbork.nl cooperate closely with Akevoth.