Ronald Wopereis

Ronald Wopereis was born 1961 in Mariënvelde, a tiny village in the eastern part of Holland.
An easy learner, Ron finished school as a Bachelor in Business Administration (HEAO-BE).
Then he found out about the computer, which has now become a never-ending puzzle for over 30 years.
So his career was not in bookkeeping but in IT.

Ron is also a skilled creative thinker, educated at the Centre of Creative Thinking in Antwerp (COCD).
And in 2004 he found out he is also a gifted networker, with friends around the world.
His lifetime project is to find out what attention is, and to create attention as a utility -
just like electricity and water, available for all in a modern society.

In 2007 he wrote a booklet "Bilocality and the Inner World of Attention" in which he painted a right-brain version of this new and yet oh so familiar world.

Combining those two skills, IT and networking, his interest is in helping other people with their projects.
Sometimes by offering hands-on, sometimes by offering his views. Genealogy is but one project.
Weforest (planting 3 billion trees by 2020), Stichting Beelddenken Nederland (about visual thinking),
co-founder of the Cultural Fusion project asking questions like "What is peace?".