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Marcus Meyer Alexander Ziskind v.d.Velde Hengel, birth 1740 Engen, died 4 Nov 1806 Meppel, info: v.d.Velde-tree (courtesy Chaim from Australia)., occupation: seller of lottery in Meppel
Event: event between 1771 and 1776 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 14 Aw 5531 - stillborn child of Meyer Alexander
on 2 Kislev 5537 - " " " ,son-in-law of Hartog Italianer.

Married 1768 Amsterdam, dtb 744/202; witn.groom: f.Alexander Benedictus; witn.bride: Jacob Isaac.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5529/1 on 28 Tishre 5529;
groom: Meyer ben Alexander Ziskind;
bride: Ester bat khr"r Mordechai m.h.l, who brings fl. 250,- with her as dowry.

Event (family) got engaged Jun 1766 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5526/95 on 4 Sivan 5526;
groom: Meyer bar Alexander z.l;
bride: Ester bat k"h Mordechai from Norden, who will bring 100,- dutch Reichsthaler with her as dowry; committed for groom:naaleh Samuel ben Baruch z.l;
committed for bride: katsin meromam k"h Man ben late pu k"h Benjamin z.l.
Ester Marcus Mordechai v.Norden, birth 1741 Norden, died 10 Aug 1772 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 11 Aw 5532 - wife of Meyer Alexander Hengel.

Family page
Marcus Meyer Alexander Ziskind v.d.Velde Hengel
Married 1772 Amsterdam, dtb 746/583; groom widower of Ester Marcus; witn.bride: [spouse of mother's sister] Daniel Cohen. to:
Rebecca Hartog Italianer, birth 1745 Amsterdam, died 19 Dec 1817 Meppel, info: v.d.Velde-tree (courtesy of Chaim in Australia)., daughter of Hartog Hirsch Levie de Jong Italianer and Anna Channa Leendert Leizer
1) Alexander Marcus Meyer v.d.Velde, birth 1772 Amsterdam, died 26 Apr 1856 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 28 Apr 1856 - Alexander v.d.Velde, 84 yrs.old, hemorrhage, at old gents home, a married man.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 27 Apr 1856 - Alexander v.d.Velde, born in Amsterdam, living in Bolsward, 84 yrs.old, widower of Fijtje Polak, son of Meyer & Rebecca Italiaander.

Registration in Bolsward of 15 May 1856.

Married 19 OKT 1794 Alkmaar, Alexander Marcus & Fijtje Jacobs Levi. to:
Fijtje Jacob Polak-Levie, birth ONG 1772 Amsterdam, died 30 MEI 1852 Bolsward, Feikje Jacobs Polak, 80 yrs.old, borrn in Amsterdam, spouse of Alexander Meyerzoon v.d.Velde, daughter of Jacob Levie Polak & nJudik Mozes, both deceased., daughter of Jacob Akiba Levie Juda(leib) Sofer-Levie and Judith Gittele Mozes Verdoner
2) Sara Meyer v.d.Velde, birth 3 Dec 1774 Alkmaar, died 25 Jun 1868 Meppel
3) Mozes Meyer v.d.Velde, birth MRT 1785 Alkmaar, died 10 Apr 1863 Wijhe
Event: event between 1846 and 1861 marriages of children on 19 Jun 1846 in Wijhe: Aaltje v.d.velde, born abt 1820, 26 yrs.old to Isaac Mesritz, from Meppel, 27 yrs.old, son of Elias Isaac Mesritz & Schoontje Andries Lezer.
on 1 Jul 1846 in Amsterdam: Heiman Meyer v.d.Velde, born abt 1817 Wijhe, 29 yrs. to Betje Samson Frank, 36 yrs.old, from Meppel, daughter of Samson Hartog Frank
& Sara v.d. Velde.
on 11 Mar 1849 in Medemblik: Isaac Mozes v.d.Velde, born abt 1822, 27 yrs.old and Vrouwtje v.Essen. 21 yrs, from Medemblik, daughter of Nathan Hartog v.Essen &
Hester Jacobs v.Aalte. Isaac dies Medemblik on 15/10/1866, 44 yrs, and Vrouwtje dies Medemblik on 21/4/1885, 57 yrs.
on 16 Apr 1857 in Wijhe: Rebecka v.d.Velde, born abt 1828, 28 yrs.old to Benjamin Polak, from Steenwijk, 34 yrs, son of Levie Mozes Polak & Anna Wolf Godschalk.
on 30 Oct 1861 in Wijhe: Alexander v.d.Velde, born abt 1825, 36 yrs. to Johanna Goudsmit, from Deventer, 33 yrs, daughter of Salomon Levij Goudsmit & Aleida v.
Raalte; Alexander dies in Deventer on 23/5/1898, 73 yrs.old.

The son Levie v.d.Velde, born abt 1833 in Wijhe, dies on 18/5/1871 in Deventer, 37 yrs.old.

Married 24 Apr 1816 Wijhe, Moses Meyer v.d.Velde, 31 yrs.old. from Alkmaar, son of Meyer Alexander v.d.Velde & Rebekka Hartog, and
Betje Emanuel Aron Blitz, 22 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, daughter of Emanuel Aron Blitz & Aaltje Isac Hammelenburg
Betje Emanuel Blitz, birth ONG 1793 Amsterdam, died 20 Apr 1863 Wijhe, Betje Emanuel Blitz, from Amsterdam, spouse of Mozes Meyer v.d.Velde, 69 yrs.old, daughter of Emanuel Man Aron Blits-Huhnerkaufer and Heijdel Isaac Hammelburg
4) Jacob Frans Benjamin Franciscus, birth ONG 1788 Amsterdam
converted to christianity?

Married 14 Jan 1821 Alkmaar, groom born in Amsterdam, widower of Elisabet Lamerre, son of Marcus Alexander & Rebecca Hartog.
bride born in Leeuwarden, daughter of Johan Jurg Habigch & Diena Barends.
Hendrika Habigch, birth ONG 1795 Leeuwarden
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