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Benedictus Baruch Jacob-Mozes Moshe-Kosman R"D-Segal, birth 1691 Rotterdam, died 1720 Amersfoort, Muiderberg cemetery: on 6 Shevat 5480 - the young Baruch ben pum Moshe Kosman of the holy community of Rotterdam, son-in-law of hr"r Isaac Eizik Italianer halevi; died in Amersfoort [see fisches Frank nr.717]., son of Jacob-Mozes Kosman Elias Eli' R"D-Segal and Judith Gittele Emanuel Man
Married 29 Jun 1709 Amsterdam_Rotterdam, dtb 707/68; witn.groom: grandfather Abraham Benedictus; witn.bride: f.Isaac Italiaander. to:
Rebecca Isaac Italiaander-Levie de Vries, birth 1694 Amsterdam, died Apr 1735 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 12 Nissan 5495 - Rivka bat aluf rosh Isaac Eizik z.l. halevi-Italianer, wife of aluf rosh pum khr"r Baruch z.l. from Rotterdam [see fisches Frank, nr.504] 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Isaac Eizik Abraham Italiaander-halevi and Reyna Malka Aron Moznum
1) Gelle Gelke Benedictus Baruch, birth 1715 Amsterdam
Married 1735 Amsterdam, dtb 721/148; witn.groom: f.Joseph Levie; witn.bride: guardian Abraham v.Emden.
Event (family) got engaged 1734 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 21 Adar II 5494;
groom: Chaim Levie, accompanied by father aluf Yoshua Heschel ben khr"r Chaim Levie z.l;
bride: Gelke bat khr"r Baruch z.l, accompanied by mother Rivka bat khr"r Isaac Eizik Levie z.l; committed for groom: [uncle] aluf katsin pum khr"r Sender ben hr"r Chaim halevi z.l;
committed for bride: [cousin & law of bride's mother] aluf katsin Jacob ben Benjamin halevi z.l.
Adam Chaim Joseph Yoshua-Heschel Levie, birth 1717 Leeuwarden, died 4 Dec 1763 Hoogeveen, info: Chaim Caran., son of Joseph Yoshua-Heschel Adam Chaim Levie and Clara Jonas Emden
2) Jacob Kosman Benedictus (Joseph)-Baruch Mocher-Sfarim, birth 1717 Amersfoort, died 1782 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 12 Adar 5542 - Kosman ben Baruch Mocher-Sfarim.
Event: event Aug 1782 sale of seat in synagogue of Amsterdam on 24 Elul 5542 appeared before the trustees of the jewish community of Amsterdam the executors of the will of the late k"h Kosman ben k'h Joseph Baruch z.l, as appointed by his will, i.e. the alufim ketsinim k"h Baruch, his son and k"h Jochana n Rofe ben Benjamin Levie-Emden z.l, his son-in-law, and sold by our intermediation before the public in our great synagogue 1 seat in the men's section, which formerly belonged to the late k"h Nathan ben k"h Zalman Gobets z.l. by power of 'appoin tement' given to them by 'de edele achtbare heeren schepenen' [the members of the city council] in this town, may her pomp heighten, on Mar 28th, 1782, as registered in the '336 schepens menotregister, folio 266', for the amount of fl. 500,- fro m the estate of the late k"h Hirts ben pu k"h Ziskind Levie-Emden z.l, who[se executors] are today the ketsinim k"h Jochanan Levie-Emden Rofe & k"h Baruch m.h.l. aforementioned.

Married 1741 Amsterdam, dtb 725/313; witn.groom: guardian Abraham v.Emden; witn.bride: f.Hartog Alexander v.Emden. to:
Anna Hendele Hartog Hirts v.Emden, birth 1721 Amsterdam, died 1777 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 7 Adar I 5537 - Hendele, wife of Kosman ben Baruch M"S [Mocher Sfarim]; died suddenly., daughter of Hartog Hirts Alexander Ziskind v.Emden Levie-Rofe and Sara Philip Cohen
3) Rachel Benedictus, birth 1719 Amersfoort
Married 1744 Amsterdam, dtb 727/143; witn.groom: m.Judith Litouw; witn.bride: brother Jacob Benedictus. to:
Ephraim Benjamin Italiaander halevi-Vitoria, birth 1715 Amersfoort, died 20 Jun 1783 Amersfoort, buried at Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (173)079: Ephraim Italiaander halevi, son of Benjamin Abraham Italiaander halevi-Vitoria and Judith Gitche Jacob Littau
Event: event between 1765 and 1774 circumcisions of sons from 2nd marriage in Amersfoort circumcisions by mohel Isaac Auerbach:
on 16 Dec 1765 - Abraham Italiaander, son of Ephraim
on 19 Jun 1774 - Isak Italiaander, son of Ephraim
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