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Hartog Zwi-Hirsch Salomon Zalman Gobets, died 1764 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 15 Adar II 5524 - Hartog Salomon Gobets., son of Salomon Zalman Isaac Itsak Gobets and N.N.
Married ONG 1728 to:
Wife of Zwi-Hirsch, died 1760 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 17 Sivan 5520 - wife of Hartog Salomon Gobets.
1) Eva Edil Hartog Zwi-Hirsch Gobets, birth 1729 Amsterdam, died 20 MRT 1797 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Edil, widow of Mozes Zelig, son-in-law of Hartog Gobets.
Married 1757 Amsterdam, dtb 735/480; witn.groom: Isaac Jacob; witn.bride: f.Hartog Salomon.
Event (family) got engaged OKT 1756 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5517/15 on 21 Cheshvan 5517;
groom: Moshe ben Pinchas Zeligman from Hietenum m.h.l;
bride: Edil, accompanied by father Zwi Hirsch ben Zalman Gobets z.l;
committed for groom: Eizik ben Jacob Wienek z.l;
committed for bride: her brother, the groom Zalman ben Hirsch Gobets m.h.l.
Mozes Seligman, birth 1726 Heitersheim, died 13 Jan 1796 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Mozes Zelig ? [family name undecipherable; ?].
Event: event Jan 1762 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 18 Teveth 5522 - child of Mozes Zelig, son-in-law of Hartog Gobets.
2) Salomon Zalman Hartog Zwi-Hirsch Gobets, birth 1729 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 29 Ijar 5489 [17 May 1729] - circumcision of Abraham[?] ben Hirsch Goibets
, died 22 Aug 1771 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 12 Elul 5531 - Salomon Hartog Gobets.
Event: event between 1767 and 1772 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 17 Adar II 5527 - child
on 24 Teveth 5528 - child
on 17 Ijar 5528 - child
on 11 Kislev 5530 - child
on 23 Shevat 5532 - child of Salomon Hartog Gobets.

Married NA Sep 1757 Amsterdam, dtb 735/477; witn.groom: f.Hartog Salomon; witn.bride: f.Isaac Salomon.
Event (family) got engaged Sep 1757 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5517/74 on 13 Elul 5517;
groom: Zalman, accompanied by father Hirsch ben Zalman Gobets;
bride: Sera, accompanied by father Itsak ben Shlomo Broinfelsh;
committed for groom: [br.-in-law] Moshe ben Zeligman;
committed for bride: [mother's brother] Itsak ben Akiba z.l.
Sara Sera Isaac Itsak Bruinvels, birth 1735 Amsterdam, daughter of Isaac Itsak Salomon Shlomo Bruijnveld bruinvels and Tamar Wolf
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