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Abraham Jonas Elchanan Roeter, birth 19 Apr 1789 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 23 Nissan 5549 - birth of Abraham ben Elchanan ben Eizik
on 26 Apr 1789 - circumcision of Abraham ben Elchanan Roit in the neie shul.
, died 1 Jan 1809 Haarlem, Abraham Jonas drowned on 1 Jan 1809, 19.5 yrs.old, father to two children. Buried on 3 Jan., son of Jonas Elchanan Isaac Eizik v.Rooijen Roeter and Grietje David
Married 13 MEI 1804 Haarlem, Abraham Jonas, bachelor from Amsterdam and
Heintje Izaaks, maiden from Haarlem.
Heintje Izaaks Flessenaar, birth ONG 1783 Amsterdam, died 29 MEI 1874 Haarlem, Heijntje Izaks Flessener, from Amsterdam, 91 yrs.old, daughter of Izaak Meyer Flessener & Judic David Molinga, widow of Mozes de Vries. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Isaac Meyer Vlessenaar and Judic David Nolingen
1) Debora v.Rooijen, birth ONG 1804 Haarlem, died 21 Dec 1881 Haarlem, Debora v.Rooijen, 77 yrs.old, daughter of Abraham Jonas v.Rooijen & Heijntje Izaaks, spouse of Hartog Izaac de Vries.
Married 6 Feb 1822 Haarlem, Hartog Izaac de Vries, from Amsterdam, 27 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Izaak Mozes & Judit v.Praag, and
Debora v.Rooijen, from Haarlem, 17 yrs.old, daughter of Abraham Jonas, deceased & Heijntje Izaaks.Flessenaar.
Hartog Izaac de Vries, birth ONG 1794 Amsterdam, died 15 Dec 1861 Haarlem, Hartog Izaak de Vries, 65 yrs.old., son of Isaac Mozes and Judith Liebe Hendrik Henli v.Praag Preger
Event: event 19 Jun 1827 premature death of child in Haarlem Isaac de Vries, 14 months old, son of Hartog de Vries & Debora v.Rooijen
2) Isaac Abraham v.Rooije, birth ONG 1807 Haarlem
Married 3 Feb 1836 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Isaac v.Rooije, 28 yrs.old, born in Haarlem, son of Abraham Jonas & Heijntje Flessinger, and
Betje Hartog Blitz, 24 yrs.old, daughter of Hartog Aron Blitz & Judic Davids.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Betje Hartog Blitz, birth ONG 1809 Amsterdam, daughter of Hartog Hirsch Aron Blits and Judith Gittele David
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