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Samuel de Wolf, birth ONG 1767 Amsterdam, died 21 MRT 1819 Leiden, Samuel Wolf, born in Amsterdam. 51 yrs.old, tradesman, spouse of Betje v.Dantzig, son of Wolf Samuel & Gijsje Abraham, both deceased.
Notifiers: Isaac Fonteijn, 62 yrs.old and Levie Logger, 57 yrs.old, tradesman.

Married ONG 1798 to:
Elisabeth Hijman v.Dantzig
1) Wolf Samuel de Wolf, birth Jan 1798 Leiden
Married 23 Aug 1821 Leiden, Leiden - marriage registrations:
Wolf de Wolf, 23 yrs.old, born in Leiden in Jan 1798, tradesman, son of Samuel Wolf, deceased on 21 Mar 1819 in Leiden, & Elisabeth Hijman v.Dantzig, tradeswoman, in Leiden, and
Sophia Jacob Fransman, 17 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam in 1803, and residing there, daughter of Jacob Elias Fransman, porter in Amsterdam & Clara Levie Simons, deceased/buried in Amsterdam on 28 Sep 1807.
Witnesses: Nathan Prins, 44 yrs.old, Levi Cassier, 76 yrs.old, Levij Logger, 59 yrs.old and Gerson Levi Wertheim, 34 yrs.old, all tradesmen in Leiden.
Sophia Jacob Fransman, birth 1803 Amsterdam, daughter of Jacob Elias Fransman and Clara Sara Levie
2) Hijntje Wolf, birth ONG 1798 Leiden
Married 1 MRT 1832 Leiden, Hijntje Wolf, from Leiden, 33 yrs.old, daughter of Samuel Wolf & Betje v.Dantzig, and
Simon Levi Bandis, from Herwijnen, 36 yrs.old, son of samuel Simon Levi Bandis & Rachel Nathan de Wolf
Simon Levi Bandis, birth ONG 1795 Herwijnen
3) Betje de Wolff, birth ONG 1800 Leiden
Married 16 Jan 1823 Leiden, Aron Prins, born in The Hague on 18 Feb 1790, 32 yrs.old, son of Samuel Prins & Rachel Anthony, and
Betje de Wolff, from Leiden, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Samuel de Wolff & Betje v.Dantzig.
Aron Prins, birth 18 Feb 1790 The Hague
4) Hijman de Wolf, birth 10 Jul 1806 Leiden
Married 4 Jun 1836 Leiden, Hijman de Wolf, from Leiden, born ob 10 Jul 1806, 30 yrs.old, son of Samuel de Wolf & Elisabeth v.Dantzig, and
Rachel Marcus Dlassleiper, born in Amsterdam on 4 Apr 1812, 24 yrs.old, daughter of Marcus Mozes Glassleiper & Judith Hartog Bebber.
Rachel Marcus Glasslijper, birth 4 Apr 1812 Amsterdam, daughter of Marcus Mozes Glasslijper-Levie and Judith Hartog Bebber
5) Klara Wolf, birth 18 Feb 1808 Leiden
Married 9 Nov 1837 Leiden, Jechiel Blok, 30 yrs.old, born in The Hague on 9 Sep 1807, son of Wolf Salomon Blok & Esther Jechiel Magiels, and
Klara Wolf, 29 yrs.old, born in Leiden on 18 Feb 1808, daughter of Samuel Wolf & Betje Hijman v.Dantzig.
Jechiel Blok, birth 9 Sep 1807 The Hague, son of Wolf Salomon Blok and Esther Hesje Magiel Speyer
6) Roosje de Wolf, birth ONG 1809 Leiden
Married 11 MEI 1836 Leiden, David Benjamin v.Dantzig, born in Amsterdam on 7 Aug 1807, 28 yrs.old, son of Benjamin v.Dantzig & Bartje Abraham Cohen, and
Roosje de Wolf, from Leiden, 26 yrs.old, daughter of Samuel de Wolf & Beije v.Dantzig.
David Benjamin v.Dantzig, birth 31 Jul 1807 Alphen, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 7 Aug 1807 - circumcision of David ben Benjamin the village of Alphen.
, son of Benjamin Emanuel Man Danziger and Bartje Abraham Cohen
7) Sientje Samuel Wolff, birth 12 Aug 1816 Leiden
Married 15 Nov 1838 Leiden, Alexander Cohen Mug, born in Vlaardingen on 9 Oct 1809, son of Salomon Cohen Mug & Barbara Hartog Sprengers, and
Sientje Samuel Wolff, born in Leiden on 12 Aug 1816, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Samuel Wolff & Elisabeth Heijman v.Dantzig.
Alexander Cohen Mug, birth 9 OKT 1809 Vlaardingen, son of Salomon Joseph Cohen Mug and Barbara Hartog Sprengers
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