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Levij Isaac de Wolff Rofe, died 8 Aug 1794 Nijmegen, occupation: physician & executive of jew. community, physician & executive of the jewish community.
Married 4 Jun 1743 Nijmegen, synagogual marriage in Nijmegen
(info mr. Jan Vegers)

This marriage was recognised by civil law only in 1776, in the frame of a general reconsideration of non-protestant church marriages conducted previously.
At this recognition it is also mentioned, that the couple had a daughter Petronella.
Sara Isaac Bok, died 9 MEI 1800 Nijmegen, buried at jewish cemetery in Nijmegen 'Sara bat Itsak Bok widow of Leib Rofe'
(info courtesy of mr. Jan Vegers)
, lives: , lives with spouse, niece and jewish maid at Grotestraat in Nijmegen.
(info courtesy of mr. Jan Vegers), daughter of Isaac Zekli Bok Wirmsch-Kats and Clara Ge'ulia Hartog Ephraim
1) Petronella Peyer de Wolff, birth 1745 Nijmegen, died 9 MEI 1813 Amersfoort, Petronella de Wolff, 68 yrs.old, 68 yrs.old, born in Nijmegen, widow of Michael Jacob Weijl, daughter of Levi Isack de Wolf & Sara Bock/
Notifiers: Benjamin Moses Schaap, 38 yrs.old, member of the Municipal Council and Abram Moses Levits, 40 yrs, beadle of the Israelitic Community.

buried at the Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (173)156: Peyer bat pum k"h Leib Rofe z"l, spouse of k"h Michael Weijl Rofe z"l

Married ONG 1775 to:
Michael Jacob Weijl
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