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Salomon Barend de Beer, birth 1746 Enkhuizen, died 1 Dec 1827 The Hague, he Hague ciry archive - death registrations:
alomon Barend de Beer, 90 yrs.old, born in Enkhuizen, married to Betje Haagmans, son of Barend Moses[?] Salomon & Heintje Alexander, both deceased.
(info courtesy of mr. G.Kornalijnslijper)
, son of Barend Ber Salomon Shlomo Minekedam and Heintje Frans Ziskind Pruikemacher
Event: was naturalized 5 Nov 1811 The Hague adoption of name de Beer by Salomon Barend, 65 yrs.old, living in The Hague, with 4 sons and 6 daughters:
Barend, 27 yrs.old,
Gerardus (was Gerrit), 26 yrs.old,
Abraham, 20 yrs.old
Levij, 13 yrs.old
Rosette (was Roosje), 39 yrs.old,
Steintje, 35 yrs.old,
Alida (was Aaltje), 37 yrs.old,
Lea, 28 yrs.old,
Judic, 29 yrs.old,
Maria (was Mierle), 22 yrs.old.

Married 27 MRT 1774 The Hague to:
Betje Belie Isaac Haagmans, birth 1749 The Hague, died 8 Aug 1836 The Hague, Betje Haagmans, 87 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Gerson & Roosje Abraham, spouse of Salomon de Beer.
Event: event children on 27 Feb 1783 - Lea Salomon Barend, daughter of Salomon Barend & Betje Isaks
on 26 Jun 1798 - Lion de Beer, son of Salomon Barend de Beer & Betje Hagman.
1) Roosje de Beer, birth ONG 1773 The Hague, died 11 Nov 1815 The Hague, Roosje de Beer, 42 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon de Beer & Betje Wageman[?, = Haagman], spouse of Gerson Mol.
Married ONG 1797 to:
Gerson Salomon Shlomo Minekedam, birth 2 Jan 1771 Monnikendam, List of Circumcisions, found in the book 'Sefer Sod Hashem', in the library of AIU in Paris.
Edited and translated by Avraham Malthete: [the mohel is identical to Mozes Salomon de Jong in:
'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten']
on 23 Teveth 5531 [9 Jan 1771] - circumcision of Gershon ben Salomon in Monnickendam.
, son of Salomon Shlomo Gerson Mol and Judith Gitche Hartog Hirsch Wans
2) Stijntje Schoontje Salomon de Beer, birth ONG 1777 The Hague, died 30 MRT 1836 The Hague, Stijntje de Beer, 58 yrs.old, daughter oif Salomon Barend de Beer & Betje Haagman, spouse of Hijman Aarons v.Cleef.
Married 2 MEI 1802 The Hague, Heiman Aron v.Kleeff, widower[?] from Rotterdam & Heintje[?] Salomon. to:
Heijman Aron v.Kleeff, birth ONG 1766 Rotterdam, died 14 Aug 1841 The Hague, Hijman Aaron v.Cleef, 75 yrs.old, son of Aaron v.Cleef & Esther Wind, widower of Stijntje de Beer.
3) Grietje Salomon de Beer, birth ONG 1781 The Hague, died 14 Apr 1848 Rotterdam, Grietje Salomon de Beer, born in The Hague, 66 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon de Beer & Beletje, spouse of Salomon Abraham v.Gelder. to:
Salomon Abraham v.Gelderen
4) Aaltje Lea Salomon de Beer, birth 27 Feb 1783 The Hague, Jewish community of The Hague - birth registrations:
Lea Barend, daughter of Salomon Barend & Betje Isaks.
, died 25 Jun 1850 The Hague
Married 6 Jan 1805 The Hague, he Hague marriage registration: Hartog Abraham Cohen from Amsterdam and Aaltje Salomon.
on 23 Dec 1804 registration in The Hague of intended marriage of Hartog Abraham Cohen, bachelor born in Amsterdam and Aaltje Salomons, maiden, born in The Hague, both residing in The Hague.

naturalisation on 30 Dec 1811 in The Hague: Hartog Abraham Cohen takes as surname Verveer and as first name Nephtali Abraham, and has 1 son and 2 daughters.
(info from Bobbe-site)
Nephtali Abraham Verveer-Cohen, birth 1781 Amsterdam, died 28 Sep 1867 The Hague, son of Abraham Salomon Shabtay Cohen-Kloot and Marretje Mata Mozes Tokie
5) Mietje Salomon de Beer, birth 27 Jul 1789 The Hague
Married 11 Aug 1811 The Hague, parents groom: Salomon Davids, salesman , 52 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam & Kaatje Samson, 64 yrs.old, born in Husen, Departement Monden van den Rijn, both living in The Hague.
parents bride: Salomon Barend, salesman, 65 yrs.old, born in Enkhuizen, Departement Zuiderzee & Betje Isak, 51 yrs.old, born & living in The Hague.

the banns were on 28 July of 1811
signed by Salomon J.Davids & Sjeinche bat David Jetz z.l. [??], parents groom:
S.Barent & Betie Izak, parents bride
witnesses: Leman Wolf Jacob, salesman, 32 yrs.old, Jacob David Coerland, office clerk, 49 yrs.old, Levij Barend, salesman, 28 yrs.old and David Salomon (David bar Zelig), salesman, 38 yrs.old.

Jochem Davids, 28 yrs.old, circumcised on 2 Jun 1783 in The Hague, son of Salomon Davids, 52 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam, residing in The Hague & Kaatje Samson, 64 yrs.old, born in Husen, departement Bouche de la Rhin, residing in The Hague.
Jochem Nachum Kok Davids, birth 26 MEI 1783 The Hague, circumcised on 2 Jun 1783 in The Hague, according to marriage registration., son of Salomon Jochem Kok Davids and Kaatje Samson
6) Barend Salomon de Beer
Married 2 Dec 1810 The Hague to:
Rebecca Aron v.Praag
7) Lion Salomon de Beer, birth 26 Jun 1798 The Hague, Jewish community of The Hague - birth registrations:
Lion de Beer, son of Salomon Barend de Beer & Betje Hagman.

Married 6 Jul 1825 The Hague, Lion de Beer, from The Hague, 27 yrs.old, son of Salomon Barend de Beer & Betje Haagman, and
Rosette Hersch, from The Hague, 25 yrs.old, daughter of Meyer Hersch & Marianne Jacobs.
Rosette Hersch, birth ONG 1800 The Hague, daughter of Meyer Hers and Marianne Jacob
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