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Wessel Fischel Salomon Tas, birth ONG 1795 Amsterdam, son of Salomon Zalman Levie Leib Tas Levie-Tabakspinner and Eva Levie Fortuijn
Event: event FROM 2 Jun 1826 TO 1 OKT 1834 Amsterdam death of twins & daughters: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 2 Jun 1826 - 2 stillborn daughters of Wessel Salomon Tas & Leentje Levie Turfkruijer.
on 2 Apr 1828 - Rachel Wessel Tas, 2 months old, daughter of Weesel Salomon Tas, 34 yrs.old & Leentje Levie Tafelkruijer.
Notifier: Leendert Levie Tas, 55 yrs.old, [great]uncle
on 1 Oct 1834 - Klaartje Wessel Tas, 15 yrs.old, daughter of Wessel Salomon Tas, 40 yrs.old & Leentje Levie Tafelkruijer.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
Event: event 1864 Amsterdam burial of grandson?:
'Wessel/Fischel ben Leib Tas/Th"Sh, son of Levie/Leib Wessel/Fischel'

Married 14 Apr 1819 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Wessel Salomon Tas, 24 yrs.old, son of Salomon Levie Tas & Eva Levie Fortuijn, and
Leentje Levi Tafelkruijer, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Levie Joseph Tafelkruijer, 54 yrs.old & Rachel Levie[?] de Jong.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Leentje Levi Tafelkruijer, birth ONG 1794 Amsterdam, daughter of Levie Joseph Uri Tafelkruijer Kruyer and Rachel Joseph de Jong
1) Eva Wessel Tas, birth 1821 Amsterdam
Married 29 MEI 1844 Amsterdam, Alexander Isaac Zegen, vendor, from Amsterdam, 25 yrs.old, son of Alexander Isaac Zegen & Aaltje Abraham Hamme, and
Eva Wessel Tas, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Wessel Salomon Tas & Leentje Levie Tafelkruijer.
Isaac Alexander Zegen, birth 1818 Amsterdam, son of Alexander Zelig Isac Itsak Zegen and Aaltje Edil Abraham Hammel
2) Annaatje Hanna Wessel Fischel Tas Th"Sh, birth 1824 Amsterdam, died 15 OKT 1847 Amsterdam, 'Annaatje/Hanna Wessel/Fischel Tas/Th"Sh, wife of Mozes Simon v.Rhenen/Riene'
Married 17 Jul 1844 Amsterdam, Moses Simon v.Rheenen, 22 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, son of Simon Moses v.Rheenen & Betje Nathan Voorzanger, and
Annaatje Wessel Tas, 20 yrs.old, daughter of Wessel Salomon Tas & Leentje Levie Tafelkruijer.

Tnaim acharonim on 16 Cheshvan 5606 [Oct 1845];
groom: Moshe ben Simon Rine;
bride: Hanna bat Ephraim Fischel halevi-Tas;
brother groom: Nissan Rine.
Mozes Simon Rheenen, birth 30 Dec 1821 Amsterdam, birth registration records:
Moses Simon v.Rheenen, born 30 Dec 1821, birth registered 31 Dec 1821, son of Simon Moses v.Rheenen, clothes merchant & Betje Nathan Voorzanger, living at Rapenburgerstr. N98, Kanton 1.
Witnesses: Machiel Hartog Parsser, 75 yrs.old, living at Batavierstr. 115, and Benedictus Abraham de la Ville, living at Verwerstr. N31.
(info courtesy of Anya Toomre, Washington State, U.S.A.)
, son of Simon Mozes Rheenen Reine and Betje Pes Nathan Nissan Voorzanger Klover
Event: event 1850/51 Amsterdam burial of sons:
on 3 Feb 1850::
'Joseph Mozes v.Rheenen, 5 days old, convulsions, Batavierstr. 49, son of Mozes Simon v.Rheenen'
death registration record - Amsterdam: Joseph Mozes v.Rheenen, died on 1 Feb 1850, death registered on 2 Feb 1850, 5 days old, at Batavierstr N49, son of Mozes Simon v.Rheenen & Sara Wijl. Witnesses: Mozes Simon v.Rheenen, shoemaker, 30 yrs.old , living at house of death, the father and Salomon Verdoner, tradesman, 30 yrs.old, living at Kerkgang 5, acquaintance.
[Joseph Mozes v.Rheenen was born on 27 Jan 1850, registered on 29 Jan 1850, son of Mozes Simon v.Rheenen, 27 yrs.old & Sara Wijl. Witnesses were: Abraham Wolf v.Embden, 45 yrs.old, at Batavierstr N62 and Nathan Simon v.Rheenen, 36 yrs.old] (inf o courtesy of Anya Toomre)

on 7 Mar 1851:
Wessel Mozes v.Rheenen, 3 yrs.old
Death registration record - Amsterdam: Wessel v.Rheenen, died on 7 Mar 1851, death registered on 8 Mar 1851, lived & died at Batavierstr. R1, Kanton 1, nr. 99, age 3, son of Moses Simon v.Rheenen & Annatje Wessel Tas. Witnesses: Moses Simon v.Rhee nen, street vendor, 31 yrs.old, living at house of death, father and Jesaias Joseph Wijl, street vendor, 36 yrs.old, living at Batavierstr N8, neighbor.
[Wessel v.Rheenen was born on 7 Oct 1847]
(info courtesy of Anya Toomre, Washington State, U.S.A.)
3) Salomon Wessel Tas, birth 3 MEI 1829 Amsterdam
Married 8 Jan 1851 Amsterdam, Salomon Wessel Tas, cigarmaker, from Amsterdam, 26 yrs.old and
Rachel Aron Luks, from Amsterdam, vendor, 25 yrs.old, daughter of Aron Samuel Luks & Sara Samuel Duitz.
Rachel Aron Luks, birth 1825 Amsterdam, daughter of Aron Samuel Luks and Sara Samuel Duitz
4) Eliazer Wessel Tas, birth 4 Jul 1831 Amsterdam, died 25 Jan 1909 The Hague, buried at the jewish cemetery of The Hague, tombstone (174)a04-15
Married 15 Nov 1854 Amsterdam, Eliazer Wessel Tas, cigarmaker, from Amsterdam, 23 yrs.old, and
Naatje Emanuel v.Collem, from Amsterdam, 29 yrs.old, daughter of Emanuel Israel v.Collem & Esther Simon Schuit.
Naatje Emanuel v.Collem, birth 1834 Amsterdam, daughter of Emanuel Israel v.Collem and Ester Simon Schuit
5) Levie Wessel Tas, birth 1 Jan 1834 Amsterdam
Married 27 Jun 1860 Amsterdam, Levie Wessel Tas, cigarmaker, from Amsterdam, 26 yrs.old and
Vrouwtje Lek, seamstress, from Amsterdam, 26 yrs.old, daughter of Philip Wolf Lek & Judic Hartog Katoen [?].
Vrouwtje Lek, birth 1834 Amsterdam, daughter of Philip Feibel Wolf Lek and Judith Hartog Katoen
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