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Meyer Samuel Meijerse-Levi, birth Amsterdam
Married ONG MEI 1784 Maassluis, proclamations of intended marriage in Maassluis of Meyer Salomon Levi, bachelor from Amsterdam and Sara Markus, maiden from Leyden, both residing in Maassluis, on 9, 16 & 23 May 1784 in Maassluis. to:
Sara Marcus, birth Leiden, died 22 Jul 1826 Maassluis, Sara Markus, widow of Meyer Meijerse., daughter of Markus Levie and Rebecca Rivka Salomons Zalman
1) Samuel Meyer, birth Maassluis, died 26 OKT 1862 Maassluis, Samuel Meijerse, son of Meyer Meijerse & Sara Marcus, widower of Fokkie Eliazer Voorzanger.
Married 3 Jan 1821 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Samuel Meyers, from Maassluis, son of Meyer Samuels & Sara Marcus, and
Fekkie Eliazer Voorzanger, 29[?] yrs.old, daughter of Eliazer Elias Voorzanger & Naatje Hijman Philips.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Fekkie Fraadche Eliaser Leizer Voorzanger, birth 19 Jun 1784 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 30 Sivan 5544 - birth of Fraadche bat Leizer ben Eli' Ephraim.
, daughter of Eliaser Leizer Elias Voorzanger and Hendrikje Hindche Hijman Philip
2) Rebecca Meyer Levie, birth ONG 1788 Maassluis, died 21 Nov 1834 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

ebecca Meyer Levie, 46 yrs.old, born in Maassluis, daughter of Meyer Levie & Sara Marcus.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
3) Marcus Meijers, birth 24 Sep 1793 Maassluis, circumcised in Rotterdam on 1 Oct 1793.
Married 29 Apr 1829 Maassluis, Marcus Meijers, from Maassluis, 35 yrs.old, son of [Meyer] Samuel Meijers & Sara Markus, and
Debora Gazan, born in Maassluis on 24 May 1811, 17 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Marcus Gazan & Belie Simons.
the groom was circumcised in Rotterdam on 1 Oct 1793.
Debora Gazan, birth 24 MEI 1811 Maassluis, daughter of Isaac Marcus Gazan and Bele Salomons
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