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Jacob Jokeb Ezechiel Cohen, birth 1692 Amersfoort, died 19 Sep 1763 Arnhem, son of Ezechiel Yecheskel Salomon Zalman Cohen and Meerle Maritje Cohen to:
Lea Abraham Chlavna Lapidoth, birth VR 1717, died 10 Feb 1740 Arnhem, daughter of Abraham Chlavna Emanuel Menachem Lapidoth and Rachel Abraham Italianer
1) Rachel Jacob Cohen, birth Arnhem, died 1776 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Cheshvan 5537 - Rachel, wife of Michael Bacher.
[There is however another burial registration which says: 'on 22 Adar II 5527 - wife of Michael ben Netanel Bachoer', which seems to be redundant]

Married 16 Nov 1733 Nijkerk, no dtb in Amsterdam.
No tnaim acharonim in Amsterdam; chalitsa-act on 2 Shevat 5594: brothers aluf Isaac Eizik and naaleh Jacob bne Mordechai Levie z.l. promise to give chalitsa to Rachel bat aluf Jacob Jokeb hakohen, wife of their brother Benjamin halevi; chatsi chel ek zachar [bride's inheritance] act by father bride aluf Jacob Jokeb ben aged katsin khr'r Yecheskel hakohen to his daughter the bride Rachel, wife of aluf Benjamin ben late Mordechai Levie z.l; chatsi chelek zachar act by mother bride N.N. bat al uf Chlavna Lapidoth to daughter Rachel.
Benjamin Marcus Mordechai Italiaander-halevi, died 27 Feb 1742 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 23 Adar I 5502 - Benjamin ben Mordechai Italianer
fisches Frank nr. 14: gvir Benjamin ben gvir Mordechai Levie Italiaander.
, son of Mordechai Abraham Italiaander Levie-Victoria and Alida Edil Abraham Uri Rees
2) Salomon Zalman Jacob Jokeb Cohen, birth Arnhem, died 20 Jul 1768 Arnhem
Married 15 OKT 1737 Arnhem, dtb 723/6 on 23 Aug 1737; bride is widow of Abraham Jacob Italiaander. to:
Rebecca Mordechai Italiaander-halevi, birth 1708 Amsterdam, died 30 Jan 1779 Amsterdam 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Mordechai Abraham Italiaander Levie-Victoria and Alida Edil Abraham Uri Rees
Event: event OKT 1768 taking a loan in Amsterdam On 29 Cheshvan 5529 the widow Rivka bat late Mordechai Levie-Italiaander z.l. takes a loan from katsin pu k"h Michael ben Netanel Bachoer z.l. for the amount of fl. 2200,-, and as collateral she introduces 3 seats in the great synagogue, belongin g to her.
Event: event Apr 1769 sale of seats in synagogue of Amsterdam on 5 Nissan 5529 the widow Rivka bat Mordechai Levie-Italianer z.l, widow of the late k"h Zalman ben k"h Jokeb Kats z.l. sells:
one seat to aluf katsin pu k"h Michael ben Netanel Bacher z.l.
one seat to " " " " " " & his son katsin k"h Eizik Bacher
one seat to same buyers
[see previous miscellaneous note: these seats were collateral to a loan mrs. Rivka took, and could not return]
3) Eva Jacob Jokeb Cohen-Arnhem, died 3 Apr 1765 Amersfoort, Muiderberg cemetery: wife of Benjamin ben Jona Amesfoort, daughter of Jokeb Harnem, died in Amersfoort,
Married 13 OKT 1744 Amersfoort, banns in Amersfoort on 25 May 1744 to:
Benjamin Jonas Cohen-Amesfoort, birth 8 Jul 1725 Amersfoort, died 12 Feb 1800 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: pum Benjamin ben pum Jona Cohen-Amesfoort., son of Jonas Ezechiel Cohen-Amesfoort and Sara Benjamin Italiaander
Event: event Feb 1778 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery: on 8 Shevat 5538 - unmarried daughter of Benjamin ben Jona Amesfoort.
Event: event additional daughters of Benjamin Cohen Reijna/Malke Cohen, perhaps the daughter dying in 1778
Engel/Egla Cohen, born abt 1764; died 9 Sep 1793 in Amsterdam.
4) Rebecca Jacob Cohen, birth Arnhem
Married ONG 1765 Nijmegen to:
Mozes Isaac Bok, lives: , resided in Nijmegen on 15 May 1776
his widow resided in the town on 14 Dec 1784 at Steenstr. with son and maid. She is a burgheress of the town (info courtesy of mr. Jan Vegers), son of Isaac Zekli Bok Wirmsch-Kats and Clara Ge'ulia Hartog Ephraim
5) Reijna Malka Jacob Cohen, birth NA 1721 Arnhem, died 16 Sep 1759 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 24 Elul 5519 - wife of Wolf ben Chlavna.
Married ONG 1746 Arnhem? to:
Benjamin Wolf Abraham Chlavna Lapidoth, died 1 Jun 1788 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Wolf Chelabno., son of Abraham Chlavna Emanuel Menachem Lapidoth and Prinsje Sprints Benjamin
Event: event 15 MEI 1803 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery: unmarried daughter of Wolf ben Chlavna.
6) Emanuel Manche Jacob Cohen, birth Arnhem, died 25 MEI 1759 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Ijar 5519 - Manche ben Jokeb Arnem, unmarried
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