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Meyer Elias de Jonge, birth Naarden, died VR 1804
Married 1790 Naarden, dtb 758/181; to:
Judith Alexander 1st marriage 2nd marriage
1) Hartog Meyer de Jong, birth ONG 1791 Naarden
Married 22 MEI 1819 Vreeland, Hartog Meyer de Jong, 27 yrs.old, from Naarden, son of Meyer Elias de Jong & Judith Alexander, and
Beeltje Abraham Levij de Vries, 21 yrs.old, from Vreeland, daughter of Abraham Levij de Vries & Hijntje Eliasar.
Beeltje Abraham Levij-de Vries, birth ONG 1797 Vreeland, daughter of Abraham Isaac de Vries-Levie and Heintje Eliazer
2) Beletje Meyer de Jong, birth ONG 1794 Naarden
Married 18 Nov 1813 Naarden, Civil marriage in Naarden:
Joseph David v.Tijn, 37 yrs.old from Maarssen & Beletje Meyer de Jong, 19 yrs.old from Naarden.
Parents groom: David Benjamin & Joseph Branio[= Branca Joseph]
Parents bride: Meyer Elias de Jong & Judith Alexander.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5574/44 on 24 Menachem-Aw 5574 in Naarden;
groom: Joseph ben David m.h.l;
bride: Beile bat Meyer z.l, who brings fl. 100,- with her as dowry;
brother groom: Wolf ben David.
Joseph David v.Tijn, birth ONG 1776 Maarssen, son of David Benjamin de Wolff and Branke Joseph
3) Eliazer Meyer de Jongh, birth 16 Jun 1795 Naarden, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 6 Tammuz 5555 [23 Jun 1795] - circumcision of Elieser Leizer ben Meyer in Naarden

Married 5 Dec 1819 Naarden, Eliazer Meyer, 24 yrs.old, from Naarden & Heiltje Salomon v.d.Hoek, 28 yrs.old, from Naarden
Parents groom: Meyer Eliaser de Jongh & Judith Jacobs
Parents bride: Salomon Samuel v.d.Hoek & Judith Jacobs.
Heiltje Salomon v.d.Hoek, birth ONG 1790 Naarden
4) Daniel Meyer de Jongh, birth 25 OKT 1798 Naarden
Married 27 MEI 1827 Naarden, Daniel Meyer de Jongh, born on 25 Oct 1798 in Naarden, son of Meyer Eliazar de Jongh & Judith Jacobs, and
Judith Abraham Levie de Vries, born on 19 Feb 1801 in Vreeland, daughter of Abraham Izaac Levie de Vries & Heintje Eliazer.
Judith Abraham Levie-de Vries, birth 19 Feb 1801 Vreeland, daughter of Abraham Isaac de Vries-Levie and Heintje Eliazer
5) Ragel Meyer de Jongh, birth 5 Jan 1802 Naarden
Married 27 MEI 1827 Naarden, Alexander de Jongh, born on 23 May 1800 in Leiden, son of Simon Abraham de Jongh & Mietje Jacobs, and
Ragel Meyer de Jongh, born on 5 Jan 1802 in Naarden, daughter of Meter Eliazar de Jongh & Judik Jacobs.
Alexander de Jongh, birth 23 MEI 1800 Leiden
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