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David Abraham de la Penha, birth 25 Feb 1793 Amsterdam, buried 8 Jun 1873 Ouderkerk a.d.Amstel, Beth Haim cemetery:
his marriage to Ester Moses Rodrigues Nunes in 1814 (chuppa: 2 Ijar 5574)
Abraham, b. 21 Jan 1814 (married, deceased 5656/abt 1896)
Moses, b. 15 Dec 1816 (deceased Shevat 5577/abt 1817)

oseh, b. 16 Sep 1819
ienvenida, b. 23 Jul 1824 (deceased 16 Ijar 5586/abt 1826)
David, b. 20 Oct 1826 (deceased 5587/abt 1827)

Married 1814 Amsterdam, chuppa in Portuguese synagogue on 2 Ijar 5574. to:
Ester Mozes Rodrigues Nunes, birth 12 Aug 1788 Amsterdam, buried 8 Sep 1847 Ouderkerk a.d.Amstel, Beth Haim cemetery:
her father: Moses v.David
her mother: Sara Pretto Henriquez.
1) Mozes David de la Penha, birth 16 Sep 1819 Amsterdam
Married 2 MRT 1842 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Moses de la Penha, 22 yrs.old, son of David de la Penha & Ester Rodrigues Nunes, and
Sara Machiel, 25 yrs.old, born in Leiden, natural daughter of Aaltje Machiel.
The child Ester de la Penha, b. on 5 Jan 1842, is recognised as daughter of the couple.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
chuppa in Portuguese synagogue on 14 Nissan 5604.
Children of the couple according to Ouderkerk-registrations:
Bienvenida, b. 5604, David, b. 5607, Abraham, b. 5610, Imanuel, b. 5612, Levij/Louis, b. 5615.
Sara Machiel, birth ONG 1816 Leiden
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