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Nathan Israel Leizer Overweg, birth ONG 1764 Zwartsluis?, died 16 MEI 1847 Zwartsluis, Nathan Israels Overweg, from Zwartsluis, 88 yrs.old, son of Israel Salomons & Saartje Andries, spouse of Saartje Jacobs., son of Israel Leizer Kalman Salomons and Sara Andries Nathan
Married 14 Nov 1814 Zwartsluis, Nathan Israels Overweg, 50 yrs.old, butcher, widower of Clara Alexander Levi and Sara Jacobs Wolf, 34 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, daughter of Jacob Eleazer & Kaatje Israel Swaab.

the bride's father, Jacob Eliazar Sarlewiel is buried at Zeeburg cemetery on 15 Mar 1802
The bride is born in Amsterdam in 1780 - from act of notoriety, issued in Amsterdam, signed by her brother Wolf Jacob Wolf and mother Kaatje Israel Swaab

Event (family) got engaged Jul 1814 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5574/12 on 22 Tammuz 5574 [Jul 1814];
groom: widower Nathan ben Leizer from Zwartsluis;
bride: Sera bat Jacob Charlevil z.l, who will bring fl. 300,- with her as dowry;
intended chuppa in Cheshvan 5575;
committed for groom: Feibel ben Abraham;
committed for bride: naaleh khr"r Abraham ben naaleh k"h Jacob Charlevil z.l.
The groom signs: Nathan ben Leizer Segal.
Sara Jacob Charlevil, birth ONG 1780 Amsterdam, died 18 OKT 1851 Zwartsluis, Saartje Jacobs, from Amsterdam, 71 yrs.old, spouse of Nathan Israels Overweg., daughter of Jacob Eliaser Zoesman Charlevil and Judith Gitche Israel Uziel Azriel Swaab
1) Israel Eleazar Storm Overweg, birth 28 Nov 1819 Zwartsluis, died 30 OKT 1893 Zwartsluis, Israel Eleazar Storm Overweg, 73 yrs.old, spouse of RFebecca v.Cleef, son of Nathan Eleazar Overweg & Sara Jacobs.
Married 29 Dec 1853 Zwartsluis, Israel Eleazar Storm Overweg, tradesman, born in Zwartsluis on 28 Nov 1819, son of Nathan Eleazar Overweg & Sara Jacobs, and
Rebecca v.Cleef, born in Zwartsluis on 24 Jun 1826, daughter of Jesaias v.Cleef & Esther v.Beek.
Rebecca v.Cleef, birth 24 Jun 1826 Zwartsluis, died 29 Jul 1897 Zwartsluis, Rebecca v.Cleef, 71 yrs.old, spouse of Israel Eleazar Storm Overweg, daughter of Jesaia v.Cleef & Esther v.Beek., daughter of Jesaias Jehoshua v.Cleef and Esther Philips v.Beek
2) Klaartje Overweg, birth 12 Nov 1822 Zwartsluis, died 25 Dec 1899 Emmen, Klaartje Overweg, 77 yrs.old, born in Zwartsluis.
Event: event between 1857 and 1868 marriages on 14 May 1857 in Zweeloo: Klaartje Overweg, from Zwartsluis, 35 yrs.old, daughter of Nathan Eleazar Overweg & Saartje Jakobs, and
Salomo Kats, from Zweeloo, 30 yrs.old, son of Berend Kats & Roelofje Meyer;; bride's parents deceased.

on 29 May 1868 in Emmen: Klaartje Overweg, widow of Salomon Kats, daughter of Nathan Israels Overweg & Saartje Jakobs, and
Salomon Kan, from Ruinen, born 25 Jun 1826, son of Israel Salomon Kan & Margje Jezaias Praag.
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