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Isaac Samson Wijnberg, birth ONG 1781, died 28 OKT 1831 Utrecht, Izak Samson Wijnberg, 50 yrs.old, son of Samson Izak Wijnberg & Sophia Wolff, spouse of Neeltje Manus.

Married ONG 1805 to:
Neeltje Manus, birth ONG 1779, died 9 Jan 1864 Utrecht, Neeltje Manus, 85 yrs.old, daughter of Philip Manus & Saartje, widow of Izak Wijnberg.
, daughter of Philip Feibel Magnus Manish Manus Norden and Sara Abraham v.Lee
1) Sara Isaac Wijnberg, birth ONG 1805 Utrecht
Married 23 Nov 1836 Utrecht, Philip v.Ptaag, born abt 1806 in Amsterdam, son of Joseph Barend v.Praag & Dina Koopmans, and
Sara Wijnberg, 31 yrs.old, from Utrecht, daughter of Isak Samson Wijnberg & Neeltje Manus.
(from Genlias by courtesy of mr. D.Kleeman)
Philip Joseph v,Praag, birth ONG 1806 Amsterdam, son of Joseph Barend v.Praag and Dina Koopman Cohen
2) Wolff Wijnberg, birth ONG 1808 Utrecht
Married 3 OKT 1855 Utrecht, Wolff Wijnberg, 47 yrs.old, from Utrecht, son of Izak Samson Wijnberg & Neeltje Manus, and
Roosje Hamburger, 30 yrs.old, from Utrecht, daughter of Abraham Hamburger & Henriette Maz[?, = Abas].
Roosje Hamburger, birth ONG 1825 Utrecht, daughter of Abraham Salomon Hamburger and Henriette Samson Abas
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