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Juda Hartog Monnikendam, birth 1758, died 15 Apr 1853 Gouda, Juda Monnikendam, 95 yrs.old, son of Hartog, spouse of Schoontje Emanuel Munk.
Married 8 Jun 1798 Doetinchem, registered in the marriage book of 1798: Joseph Hartog, born & residing in Rotterdam, parents dead, and
Scheine Manuel, maiden, born & residing here, parents attending.
a note is added, that the couple was not married in Doetinchem, and the court of justice was informed thereon.
Schoontje Emanuel Menk, birth 1778 Doetinchem, died 22 OKT 1820 Middelharnis, Schoontje Jacob[?], 42 yrs.old, spouse of [Juda] Hartog Monnikendam., daughter of Emanuel Mendele Tobias Menk v.Detekom and Gelle Salomon
1) Rachuel v.Monnikendam, birth 10 MRT 1799 Amersfoort
Event: event between 1850 and 1862 register of inhabitants of Rotterdam Racheltje Juda Hartog Munnikendam, born on 15 Feb 1801 in Amersfoort[?]
2) Claartje v.Monnikendam, birth 21 Dec 1800 Amersfoort, died 16 Nov 1870 Gouda, Aaltje[?] v.Monikendam, 69 yrs.old, daughter of Juda v.Monikendam & Schoontje Vink[!]
Event: event 20 MRT 1869 death of spouse in Gouda Elias Aron Cats, 69 yrs.old, spouse of Claartje Hartog v.Monnikendam.
3) Hartog Juda Monnikendam, birth 2 Jan 1803 Amersfoort, circumcision on 9 Jan 1803 in Amersfoort by mohel v.Gelder., died 16 MRT 1882 Harderwijk, 77 yrs.old.
Married 26 MRT 1835 Harderwijk, Hartog Monnikendam, 32 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, son of Juda Monnikendam & Schoontje Emanuel, and
sientje v.Mentz, 27 yrs.old, from Harderwijk, daughter of Abraham Izak v.Mentz & Ester Simon Levie Brandes.
Sientje Abraham v.Ments, birth ONG 1807 Harderwijk, daughter of Abraham Isaac v.Ments and Hester Levie Brandes
4) Breintje Juda v.Monnikendam, birth 17 Sep 1804 Amersfoort, from: naming of girls in Amersfoort., died 3 OKT 1888 Amersfoort, Breintje v.Monnikendam, 84 yrs.old, daughter of Hartog Juda[?, should be vice versa] v.Monnikendam & Seliaantje Manuel [?], spouse of Joseph[?] Baks.
Married 31 Dec 1838 Deventer, Isac Simon Baks, 60 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, widower of Jetto Gompert Simons, son of Simon Abraham & Grietje Markus, and
Breintje v.Monnikendam, 34 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, daughter of Juda Hartog v.Monnikendam & Schoontje Emanuel Munk[?, = Menk]
Isaac Simon Baks
5) Obadja Juda v.Monnickendam, birth 15 Jun 1806 Amersfoort, circumcision in Amersfoort on 22 Jun 1806 by mohel I.M.Weijl., died 4 Aug 1898 Gouda, Obadia v.Monnickendam, 92 yrs.old, son of Juda v.Monnickendam & Schoontje Munk, spouse of Betje Monasch.
Married 23 Nov 1836 Gouda, Obadja Monnikendam, 30 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, son of Juda Monnikendam & Schoontje Emanuel Munk[?, = Menk], and
Batje Monasch, 21 yrs.old, from Gouda, daughter of Mozes Monasch & Hester Olmans.
Batje Monasch, birth ONG 1815 Gouda
6) Rabecca v.Monnikendam, birth 5 MEI 1808 Amersfoort
7) Judich Juda v.Monnickendam, birth 14 MRT 1810 Amersfoort, from: naming of girls in Amersfoort., died 8 Aug 1866 Amsterdam, Judith Monnickendam, 58 yrs.old. spouse of Manuel Hilversum.
Married 4 Feb 1863 Amersfoort, Manuel Jacob Hilversum, 52 yrs.old, born in Berlin, widower of Klaartje Jacob Wijnschenk, son of Jacob Hilversum & Betje Vorsten, and
Judich v.Monnickendam, 52 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, daughter of Juda Hartog v.Monnickendam & Schoontje Emanuel Menk.
Manuel Jacob Hilversum, birth ONG 1810 Berlin, son of Jacob Levie Hilversum and Betje Branca Vorst Vos
8) Rijntje Munnikendam, birth 1816 Amersfoort, died 24 Jan 1888 Amersfoort, rijntje Munnikendam, 71 yrs.old, daughter of Juda Hartog Munnikendam & Schoontje Manuel.
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