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Michiel Aron Danser-Cohen
Event: event 1 Feb 1812 The Hague premature death of daughterFrancisca Danser, 1 yr.old, daughter of Machiel Danser & Sara Joseoh.

Married 17 Dec 1792 The Hague to:
Sara Joseph Hes
1) Maria Danser, birth ONG 1792 The Hague
Married 26 Sep 1827 The Hague, Juda Aron Polak, 25 yrs.old, born in Leiden, son of Aron Joseph Polak & Fijtje Marcus Cohen, and
Maria Danser, 35 yrs.old, from The Hague, daughter of Michiel Danser & Saartje Hes.
The groom's mother is also known as Vogeltje.
At marriage, the children Joseph Aaron Polak and Isaac Polak are recognised as children of the couple.
Juda Aron Polak, birth ONG 1802 Leiden, son of Aron Joseph Juzpe Polak and Fijtje Vogeltje Sophia Marcus Cohen
2) Eliazer Danzer, birth ONG 1796 The Hague
Married 13 Feb 1822 The Hague, Eliazer Danzer, from The Hague, 25 yrs.old, son of Machiel Aron Danzer & Sara Joseph Hes, and
Sophia v.Emrik, from Amsterdam, 19 yrs.old, daughter of Simon Jacob v.Emrik & Hijntje Joseph Cohen.
Sophia v.Emrik, birth ONG 1802 Amsterdam, died 24 MEI 1855 Rotterdam, Sophia v.Emrik, from Amsterdam, 74 yrs. & 4 months[??, = 53] yrs.old, widow of Eliazer Danzer., daughter of Simon Simcha Jacob v.Emrik Drogischt and Heijntje Hindche Joseph Cohen
3) Betje Danser, birth ONG 1798 The Hague
Married 5 Feb 1823 The Hague, Isaac v.Dalen, 22 yrs.old, from Rotterdam, son of Abraham v.Dalen & Elisabeth Polak, and
Betje Danser, 24 yrs.old, from The Hague, daughter of Machiel Danser & Sara Joseph Hes.
Isaac v.Dalen, birth ONG 1800 Rotterdam
4) Heintje Danser, birth ONG 1799 The Hague
Married 9 Feb 1825 The Hague, Barend Mol, 25 yrs.old, from Monnickendam, son of Barend Mol & Roosje de Beer, and
Heintje Danser, 25 yrs.old, from The Hague, daughter of Machiel Aaron Danser & Saartje Joseph Hes.
The child Salomon Barend Mol is recognised as child of the couple.
Barend Ber Gerson Mol Minekedam, birth 29 MEI 1799 Monnikendam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 4 Jun 1799 - circumcision of Yissachar Ber ben Gershon ben Shlomo in the village of Monnickendam.
, son of Gerson Salomon Shlomo Minekedam and Roosje de Beer
5) Hester Danser, birth ONG 1801 The Hague
Married 5 OKT 1825 The Hague, Salomon Snoek, 26 yrs.old, from The Hague, son of Alexander Nathan Snoek & Brendele Salomon Heijman Levij, and
Hester Danser, 24 yrs.old, from The Hague, daughter of Machiel Aaron Danser & Saartje Joseph Hes.
Salomon Snoek, birth ONG 1799 The Hague, son of Sander Nathan Snoek-Levie and Bruintje Brendele Salomon Zelig Levie
6) Samuel Machiel Danser, birth ONG 1803 The Hague
Married 31 OKT 1832 The Hague, Samuel Danser, 29 yrs.old, tradesman, from The Hague, son of Machiel Danser, tradesman & Saartje Joseph, from The Hague, and
Klara Goudvisch, 24 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, living in The Hague, daughter of Samuel Abraham Goudvisch, tradesman in Leijden & Beletje Roeg, deceased.
Klara Samuel Goudvisch, birth ONG 1808 Amsterdam, daughter of Samuel Abraham Goudvis and Marianne Malka Isaac Itsak Roeg Schmalkalden-Levie
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