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Ephraim Mozes Denecamp, birth 19 Sep 1782 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten:
on 11 Tishre 5543 - birth of Ephraim ben Moshe [?]
on 18 Tishre 5543 - circumcision of Ephraim ben Moshe [?]
, died 25 Nov 1840 Amersfoort, Ephraim Mozes Denekamp, born in Amsterdam, 59 yrs.old, son of Mozes Denekamp & Mietje Kriel, spouse of Heintje Herschel., son of Mozes Levie v.Denekamp Denekopf and Mietje Merle Levie Corjel
Event: event children in Amersfoort on 15 Oct 1813 - birth of Hester v.Denekamp, daughter of Efraim Moses v.Denekamp & Heintje Elias.

on 23 May 1814 - death of Moses Ephraim v.Denekamp, 6 yrs.old, born in Leerdam, son of Ephraim Moses v.Denekamp & Heintje Eliaser.

Married 19 Jul 1807 Leerdam, registered in the marriage-book of the NDG church in Leerdam [!?]:
Ephraim Mozes Denecamp, born in Amsterdam, residing in Leerdam, and
Heijntje Eliazar, born in Berreijt, Germany, and residing in Leerdam.
Heijntje Eliazar Herschel, birth ONG 1785 Berreijt, Germany, died 10 Jul 1847 Leerdam, Heintje Eliazer Herschel, 62 yrs.old, daughter of Eleazar Herschel & Hester, widow of Ephraim Mozes v.Denekamp., daughter of Eliazar Herschel and Hester Abrahams
1) Eleazer Ephraim Denekamp, birth 23 Jun 1811 Amersfoort, died 2 OKT 1887 The Hague, buried at the Jewish cemetery of Schoonhoven - tombstone 39.
Married 2 Jun 1831 Schoonhoven to:
Rachel Simon v.Noorden, birth 2 Aug 1804 The Hague, died 27 Feb 1838 Schoonhoven, buried at Jewish cemetery of Schoonhoven - tombstone 46: Rechla bat Menachem
Spouse of Eliazar Ephraim Denekam, daughter of Emanuel Simons v.Noorden & Maartje v.Geldre.
, daughter of Emanuel Simon v.Noorden and Maartje Hartog v.Geldere
2) Hester Denekamp, birth 15 OKT 1813 Amersfoort, died 27 Apr 1855 Gouda, 41 yrs.old, spouse of Andries Abraham Blok.
Married 12 Jan 1842 Amersfoort, Hester Denekamp, 28 yrs.old, born in Amersfoort, daughter of Ephraim Mozes Denekamp & Heintje Herschel, and
Andries Abraham Blok, born in Leerdam, 36 yrs.old.
Andries Abraham Blok, birth 1805 Leerdam, son of Abraham Jacob Blok and Klaartje Levie de Vries
3) Mozes Ephraim Denekamp, birth 21 MEI 1817 Amersfoort, born from Ephraim Mozes v.Denekamp, 36 yrs.old & spouse Heintje Eliaser, 30 yrs.old.
Witnesses: Mozes Isaac v.Rheenen, 44 yrs.old and Samuel Levits, 40 yrs.old, both tradesman in Amersfoort.

Married 12 MRT 1846 Amsterdam, Mosis Ephraim Denekamp, from Amersfoort, 28 yrs.old, slaughterer, son of Ephraim Mozis Denekamp & Heintje Herschel, and
Leentje Philip Hont, from Amsterdam, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Philip Hont, tradesman & Ester Salomon Catz.
Leentje Philip Hont, birth ONG 1823 Amsterdam, daughter of Philip Isaac Hont and Ester Salomon Catz Cohen-Velleman
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