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Andries Asher Samuel Voet Tehiliemsager, birth 17 OKT 1771 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 9 Cheshvan 5532 - birth of Asher ben Samuel ben Asher Tehiliem
on 16 Cheshvan 5532 - circumcision of Asher ben Samuel ben Asher Th"Z, son-in-law of Ruben Knepmacher.
, died 16 Sep 1832 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 22 Elul 1832 [17 Sep 1832] - Asser Samuel Voet/Th"Z.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 16 Sep 1832 - Andries Samuel Voet, 60 yrs.old, spouse of Belia Meyer de Lange.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, son of Samuel Andries Tehiliemsager and Anna Hendele Ruben Bloch
Married 11 Aug 1814 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Asser Samuel Voet, 41 yrs.old, son of Samuel Asser & Mietje[?] Rubens, and
Betje Haalbot, 29 yrs.old, daughter of Meyer Levie Haalbot & Marjana Moses.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Betje Meyer Habot Haalbot, birth ONG 1785 Amsterdam, died 19 Apr 1819 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 25 Nissan 1819 [20 Apr 1819] - Betje/Bele Meyer Habot, wife of Asher Voet/Th"Z.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

n 19 Apr 1819 - Betje Meyer Habot, 36 yrs.old, spouse of Andries Samuel Voet.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, daughter of Meyer Levie Leib Heilbot and Marianne Mirjam Mozes de Vries Leeuwarden
Event: event 28 Dec 1814 death of child death of child: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Hartog Joseph Speyer, 1 months old, son of Joseph Hartog Speyer & Betje Meyer Haalbot.
Notifier: Eliazar Levie Haalbot, 62 yrs.old, greatuncle.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
[this registration is incomprehensible, as both mentioned parents are each married to another partner?]
1) Meyer Andries Voet, birth ONG 1817 Amsterdam
Married 10 Jul 1839 Amsterdam, from Fresco-Brilleman-file on synagogual marriages (synagogual marriage on 2 Jul 1843):
Meyer Andries Voet, 22 yrs.old, son of Andries Voet & Beletje Haalbot z.l, and
Sara Hartog Krost, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Hartog Marcus Krost & Schoontje Jesaias Kladder.
Sara Hartog Hirsch Krost, birth ONG 1817 Amsterdam, died 1855 Amsterdam, 'Sara Hartog/Hirsch Krost, wife of Meyer Andries/Asher Voet', daughter of Hartog Hirsch Marcus Mordechai Krost Preger and Schoontje Sjeine Isajas Jesaya Kladser

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Andries Asher Samuel Voet Tehiliemsager
Married 17 MEI 1820 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Andries Samuel Voet, 48 yrs.old, widower of Betje Meyer Habot, son of Samuel Andries & Rijntje Ruben Hamburger [?], and
Belia Meyer de Lange, 23 yrs.old, from Ruinen, daughter of Meyer de Lange, tradesman & Judith Abraham from Ruinen.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Consent to this marriage is made up by notay E.J. Witsenborg in Hoogeveen on 12 Jan 1820.
(info courtesy of mr. Tjeerd v.Albada, Holland)
Belia Meyer de Lange, birth ONG 1796 Ruinen, died 7 Dec 1862 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery:
'Belia/Beile Meyer de Lange, wife of A./Asher S./Samuel Voet/Foeht-Th"Z'
, daughter of Meyer Levie de Lange and Johanna Abraham Snoek
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