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Levie Moshe-Aryeleib v.Embden
Married ONG 1816 to:
Klaartje Keile Machielse, birth ONG 1784 Kampen, died 7 Sep 1849 Leiden, Klaartje Machielse, born in Kampen, 65 yrs.old, married to Levie v.Emden, daughter of Machiel Ijzerman Machielse & Alida Kronenburg.
Buried at Jewish cemetery of Leiden - tombstone 148: Keile bat Yechiel, spouse of Moshe Aryeleib van Emden.
, daughter of Machiel Ijzerman Machielse and Alida Kronenburg
1) Ruben v.Emden, birth 19 Dec 1816 Alkmaar, died 5 MEI 1894 Assen, Ruben v.Emden, born in Alkmaar on 19 Dec 1816, 77 yrs. & 4 months old, son of Levie v.Emden & Klaartje Mechielsen, widower of Truitje Frank.
Married ONG 1840 to:
Truitje Frank, birth 22 Dec 1812 Leiden, died 20 Aug 1887 Assen, Truitje Frank, born on 22 Dec 1812 in Leiden, 74 yrs.old, daughter of Juda Aron Frank & Jansje v.Ijzen, spouse of Ruben v.Emden., daughter of Juda Aron Frank and Hanna Salomons
although the mother of Truitje is called Jansje v.Ijzen in her death registration, it is plausible that Jansje v.Ijzen is identical with Hanna Salomons.
2) Dina v.Embden, birth 24 EP 1823 Leiden
Married 15 MRT 1848 Leiden, Mozes Noteboom, from Oosterhout, 31 yrs.old, and
Dina v.Embden, from Leiden, 24 yrs.old, daughter of Levij .Embden & Klaartje Machielse Ijzerman.
Mozes Noteboom, birth 13 Feb 1817 Oosterhout
3) Emanuel v.Emden, birth 13 OKT 1825 Leiden, son of Levij v.Emden & Klaartje Machiel Ijzerman.
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