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    Simon Isaac Bollegraaff, birth ± 1766 Amsterdam, died 7 Mar 1839 Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Simon Izak Bollegraaf, from Amsterdam, 75 yrs.old, son of Izak Bollegraaf & Marchien, spouse of Hester Abraham Cohen., son of Isaac Itsak Wolf Bollegraaf and Marianne Mirjam Marcus Shmaya
    Married ± 1796 to:
    Ester Abraham Cohen, birth ± 1770 Amsterdam, died 26 Mar 1853 Martenshoek, Hoogezand, Hester Abraham Cohen, from Amsterdam, 82 yrs.old, widow of Simon Izaak Bollegraaf, buyer of discarded items,
    1) Sara Simons Bollegraaf, birth Oct 1796 Amsterdam
    Married 23 Jul 1818 Groningen, Israel Benjamin Behr, 19 yrs.old, born on 14 Feb 1799 in Kalkwijk, son of Benjamin Behr & Hindel Lasarus, and
    Sara Simons Bollegraaf, 21 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam in Oct 1796, daughter of Simon Bollegraaf & Ester Abraham Cohen.
    Israel Benjamin Behr, birth 14 Feb 1799 Kalkwijk
    2) Izak Bollegraaf, birth ABR 1801
    Married ± 1820 to:
    Sara Izaks Smit
    3) Eva Simons Bolgraaf, birth 13 Oct 1803 Harlingen, died 26 Aug 1854 Borger, Eva Simons Bolgraaf, 50 yrs.old, born in Harlingen on 13 Oct 1803, spouse of Daniel de Lange, daughter of Simon Bolgraaf & Esther Abraham Cohen.
    Married 14 May 1849 Borger, Daniel de Lange, born in Amsterdam on 24 Feb 1812, tradesman, son of Leiman Jakob de Lange & Vogeltje Arons, and
    Eva Simons Bolgraaf, from Harlingen, 45 yrs.old, daughter of Simon Izaak Bolgraaf & Esther Abraham Kohen.
    Two children were recognised as children of the couple; the groom's parents are deceased, as is the bride's father.
    Daniel de Lange, birth 24 Feb 1812 Amsterdam, died 4 Jul 1890 Borger, Daniel de Lange, son of Simon[?] Jacob de Lange & Vogeltje Arons, spouse of Anna v.Delft., son of Leman Jacob de Lange and Vogeltje Fegle Arend Aron Aap
    4) Marianne Bollegraaf, birth ± 1805
    5) Abraham Bollegraaf, birth Apr 1809 Rheinberg, Germany
    Married 30 Aug 1835 Groningen, Abraham Bollegraaf, born in Rheinberg, Germany in Apr 1809, rifleman, 26 yrs.old, son of Simon Izaak Bollegraaf & Hester Abraham Cohen, and
    Roelfje Jacobs Velleman, 28 yrs.old, born in Groningen on 7 Jul 1807, daughter of Jacob Benjamin Velleman & Hendrina Ruben Wolf.
    Roelfje Jacobs Velleman, birth 7 Jul 1807 Groningen
    6) Heiman Bollegraaf, birth 2 Dec 1814 Hoogezand
    Married 15 Dec 1839 Groningen, Heiman Bollegraaf, born on 2 Dec 1814 in Hoogezand, tradesman, son of Simon Izaks Bollegraaf & Hester Abraham Cohen, and
    Bloeme Koekkoek, born in Groningen on 9 Oct 1817, daughter of David Benjamin Koekkoek & Heintje Jacobs.
    Bloeme Koekkoek, birth 9 Oct 1817 Groningen
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