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Jacob Levie de Vries Katsav, birth 2 Dec 1792 Wormer, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
om8 Dec 1792 - circumcision of Jacob ben Leib ben Itsak[?] Katsav in the village of Wormer.
, died 15 Aug 1820 Wormer, Jacob Levie de Vries, 27 yrs.old, son of Levie de Vries & Betje Nathan Hoedemaaker [no spouse mentioned], son of Levie Isaac Eizik de Vries and Bregje Brendele Nathan Neta Hoedemaker
Married 14 Feb 1819 Wormer, Jacob Levie de Vries, born on 2 Dec 1792 and circumcised on 8 Dec 1792 in Wormer, son of Levie Ijsaak & Bertje Nathans Hoedemaker, and
Reine Andriessen, born in Bladel on 15 Feb 1793 and rsiding in Amsterdam, daughter of Ruben Andriessen & Catharina[?] Asser.

Reina served as housemaid with J.Levie Posthumus in Amsterdam
Reine Andriessen, birth 15 Feb 1793 Bladel, died 7 OKT 1865 Woensel, Reine Andriessen, 67 yrs.old, born in Bladel, daughter of Ruben Andriessen & Vogel Asser, spouse of Moses Bloemhoff, tradesman. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Ruben Andries and Anna Asser Tas t"Sh
1) Sara de Vries, birth 18 Apr 1821 Bladel, on 18 Apr 1821 born from Reina Andriesse, currently widow of Jacob Levij de Vries, deceased in Wormer, a daughter Sara.
Notifier: Hendrik Andriesse, the mother's father.
Witnesses: Napoleon Hartog Andriesse, 25 yrs, tradesman
Manuel Izaac Andriese, 32 yrs, tradesman

Married 10 Sep 1857 Schiedam, Sara de Vries, born in Bladel, 36 yrs.old, daughter of Jacob Levie de Vries & Reine Andriesse, widow of Jacob David v.Furth, and
Abraham Ijzerman, from Groningen, 36 yrs.old, son of Hendrica Ijzerman.
Abraham Ijzerman, birth 1821 Groningen
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