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Salomon Zalman Elias Mossel, birth 1776 Amsterdam, died 17 MRT 1827 Medemblik, Salomon Elias Mossel, 49 yrs.old, spouse of Grietje Meyer, son of Elias Salomon Mossel & Vrouwtje Nathan v.Essen, born in Amsterdam!, occupation: businessman in Medemblik in 1813, according to notification of the consistory of Muiderzee of the membership of the community in Medenblik;
in July 1813 he took part in a row (difference of opinion) in the community together with Hartog Nathan v.Essen, Meyer Nathan v.E., Nathan Hartog v.E., Mozes Hijman Bles & Abraham Jacob de Vries against Isaac Jacob Oostra, former director & Jaco b Levy Leeuwy, just nominated commissary.
Mossel, widower of 1st spouse Sara Hartog (perhaps: v.Essen, although a certain Sara Hartog v.E., businesswoman, exists in 1813);
Salomon took part as a candidate in the elections for the local council on 26/8/1816, 2/9/1817, 3/11/1819 &18/9/1821; he obtained respectively 5, 1, 2 & 1 votes!, son of Elias Alexander Mossel and Vrouwtje Nathans van Essen
Event: event between 1806 and 1809 death of children From the 1st marriage at least 2 stillborn children were born; 1 child died in 1806, and the other child, Elias in 1809; from: Zeeburg cemetery registration.

Married 9 Aug 1800 Medemblik to:
Sara Hartog v.d.Linden, birth Medemblik, died 1808 Medemblik
1) Johanna Mossel, birth ONG 1804 Medemblik, died 12 Jan 1864 Mijdrecht, Johanna Mossel, 62 yrs.old, widow of Meyer Stokvisch, previous widow of Mozes Boas.

Married 30 Jun 1830 Mijdrecht, groom: Mozes Eleaser, 35 yrs.old, from Noorden[?]; bride: Johanna Mossel, 26 yrs.old, from Medemblik.
parents groom: Elias Hartog & Lea Benjamins.
parents bride: Salomon Elias Mossel & Saartje v.d.Linden
(toegangnr. 481, inventarisnr. 901, locality Mijdrecht, actnr. 10)
(info courtesy of G.Kornalijnslijper)
Mozes Eleaser Boas, birth ONG 1795 Norden, died 14 Apr 1848 Mijdrecht, Mozes Eliazar Boas, 51 yrs.old, son of Elias Hartog Boas & Lea Benjamin, spouse of Naatje Mossel
, son of Eliazer Liepman Hartog Boas and Lea Benjamin Baruch-Bendit Rachmanuth
Event: event between 1833 and 1842 additional children Elias, 22/7/1833 - 24/5/1834
Salomon Mozes, 6/11/1834 - 13/11/1834
Elias Eliazar, 15/12/1838 - 30/1/1839
Marcus Eliaser Boas, 6/9/1842 - 21/10/1842, all in Mijdrecht.

Family page
Salomon Zalman Elias Mossel
Married Jul 1809 Amsterdam, dtb 1809:658/230; groom widower.Sara Hartog; deceased parents groom: Elias Levie[?] & Vrouwtje Nathan; witn.bride: f.Meyer Mozes & m.;
according to Kornalijnslijper: on 14/7/1809 in Medemblik.

Event (family) got engaged Jun 1809 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5569/28 on 15 Sivan 5569;
groom: widower Zalman ben k"h Eli' Mossel z.l;
bride: Gittele, accompanied by father Meyer ben Moshe Schornesum, who will donate fl. 250,- to the dowry;
a marriage contract will be made up before a notary prior to civil marriage;
committed for groom: [uncle?] Hirts ben Nathan;
committed for bride: [uncle] Leizer ben Moshe Schornesum.
Grietje Gittele Meyer Schorsheim Schornesum, birth 1782 Amsterdam, according to declared age at marriage: in 1776 in Amsterdam., died 2 MEI 1849 Medemblik, Grietje Meyer Schornhijm, 72 yrs.old, widow of Salomon Elias Mossel, daughter of Schornhijm Meyer & Eva v.Beek, born in Amsterdam., daughter of Meyer Mozes Schornesheim and Catharina Kaatje Chaya Wolf v.Beek
1) Vrouwtje Salomon Mossel, birth ONG 1812 Medemblik, died 10 Dec 1845 Amsterdam, allowances for burial in Amsterdam:
Vrouwtje Salomon Mossel, 33 yrs.old, nervous illness, buried in Medemblik, daughter of Salomon Elias Mossel, unmarried, at Rapenburgerstr.
2) Eva Mossel, birth ONG 1815 Medemblik
Married 16 Jul 1841 Mijdrecht, Abraham Nathan Schoon, 27 yrs.old, from Amsterdam and Eva Mossel, 26 yrs.old, from Medemblik.
parents groom: Nathan Levij Schoon & Chrisje Salomon
parents bride: Salomon Elias Mossel & Grietje Meyer.
Abraham Nathan Schoon, birth ONG 1814 Amsterdam, died 1859 Amsterdam, 'Abraham ben Nathan Schoon', son of Nathan Lion Levij Schoon and Chrisje Kres Salomons Zelig
Event: event between 1843 and 1851 children in Mijdrecht Chrisje Schoon, 18/3/1843
Nathan Schoon, 4/8/1845 - 7/12/1845
Salomon Schoon, 30/9/1846, all in Mijdrecht
Nathan Schoon, abt. 1851 Mijdrecht - 2 Feb 1927 Apeldoorn, 75 yrs.old, son of Abraham Schoon & Eva Mossel.
Event: event between 1845 and 1856 children in Amsterdam in 1845 - Nathan/Neta Abraham Schoon, son of Abraham Nathan
in 1849 - stillborn child of Abraham Nathan Schoon
in 1856 - Meyer ben Abraham Schoon, son of Abraham Nathan
in 1857 - Salomon Abraham Schoon, son of Abraham Nathan.
3) Meyer Salomon Mossel, birth ONG 1822 Medemblik, died 22 Dec 1854 Medemblik, Meyer Mossel, 32 yrs.old, son of Salomon Elias Mossel & Grietje Meyer, spouse of Leentje Nathan Ancona.
Married 2 Jun 1850 Medemblik, Meyer Mossel, 28 yrs.old, from Medemblik, country vendor, son of Salomon Elias Mossel & Grietje Meyer, and
Leentje Nathans Ancona, 25 yrs.old, househelp, from Amsterdam, daughter of Nathan Jacob Ancona & Schoontje Jonas Hondsdrag.
Leentje Nathan Ancona, birth 5 Jul 1824 Amsterdam, daughter of Nathan Jacob Ancona and Schoontje Jonas Joel Honsdregt
4) Susanna Mossel, birth Medenblik
Married 28 Dec 1853 Amsterdam, (1853:11/30) to:
Isaac Jacob Schorneheim, birth 1818 Amsterdam
(parents: Moses Meyer S. & Betje)
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