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Hendrik Chaim Jacob Drukker, died 23 Sep 1726 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 9 Tishre 5487 - the old Chaim Drukker., son of N.N. and Jentel
Event: event MEI 1724 Amsterdam On 22 Ijar 5484 appears before the trustees of the jewish community the couple Ella bat Isaac Zekli z.l. & Chaim bar Jacob z.l. and sell two seats, which they own in the great synagogue, to the widow Mirjam bat aluf Chlavne m.h.l, widow of Jaco b Levie z.l.
Event: event 1705 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery:
on 20 Cheshvan 5466 - child of Chaim Drukker

on 30 Aw 5455 - child of brother of " "
on 7 Aw 5459 - grandchild " " "
on 16 Aw 5466 - " " " "
Anna Ella Isaac Zekli, daughter of N.N. and Brivchi
1) Judith Gitche Hendrik Chaim Drukker, died 1759 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 21 Shevat 5519 - wife of Mozes Falk Levie.
Married ONG 1700 to:
Mozes Valentijn Yoshua-Falk Levie, died 1763 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 6 Tammuz 5523 - Mozes Falk Levie., son of Valentijn Yoshua-Falk Levie-Polak and Rachel
Event: event 1731 Amsterdam In the tnaim rishonim on 6 Tammuz 5489 Moshe ben Falk halevi z.l. is committed for the groom Joseph ben Naftali Hirts halevi, who engages to be married to the bride Channa, accompanied by father Shlomo Zalman ben Joseph halevi z.l; committed fo r bride: Aron ben Liepman hakohen z.l.
[marriage in dtb 718/290 - tnaim acharonim on 18 Ijar 5491]
Event: event between 1703 and 1722 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery:
on 26 Shevat 5463 - child
on 13 Elul 5468 - child of Moshe, son-in-law of Chaim Drukker.
Zeeburg cemetery: on 2 Ijar 5482 - child of Mozes, son-in-law ofHijman[= Chaim] Drukker.
2) Jacob Jokeb Hendrik Chaim Drukker, died 13 OKT 1756 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 19 Tishre 5517 - Jacob Hijman[= Chaim] Drukker.
Event: event Sep 1720 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 9 Tishre 5481 - child of Jacob Hijman[= Chaim]Drukker.
Event: event Dec 1732 Amsterdam On 21 Kislev 5493 Jokeb bar Chaim Drukker is committed for groom the refined bachelor Nathan Kerpel ben hr"r Judaleib m.h.l. from Berlin, who becomes engaged to be married to Sara, accompanied by father naaleh Obadya bar Nathan z.l; committed fo r bride: Zalman bar Moshe z.l.
The civil marriage takes place in dtb 723/12.

Married ONG 1714 to:
Lea Philip Uri-Peis, daughter of Philip Peis and N.N.
3) Rachel Rechla Hendrik Chaim Drukker
Married ONG 1710 to:
Isaac Eizik Arend Aron
Event: event between 1710 and 1724 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery: on 10 Sivan 5470 - child of Eizik, son-in-law of Chaim Drukker.

Zeeburg cemetery:
on 16 Elul 5484 - child
on 18 Kislev 5485 - child of Isaac, son-in-law of Hijman[= Chaim] Drukker.
4) Barend Baruch Hendrik Chaim Drukker, birth 1698 Amsterdam, died Dec 1731 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Kislev 5492 - Baruch ben Chaim Drukker.
Married 1726 Amsterdam, dtb 715/395; witn.groom: m.Anna Hendrik; witn.bride: Levie Salomon[?,should be Abraham].
Event (family) got engaged Feb 1725 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 15 Shevat 5485;
groom: Baruch, accompanied by father naaleh Chaim bar Jacob z.l;
bride: Rechla, accompanied by father naaleh Judaleib ben mhor"r Jacob Moshe Abraham Charlevil z.l;
committed for groom: [br.-in-law] naaleh Isaac Eizik ben hr"r Aron z.l;
committed for bride: [uncle] aluf khr"r Anshil ben mhor"r Abraham Charlevil z.l.
Rachel Rechla Levie Judaleib Charlevil, birth 1703 Amsterdam 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Levie Abraham Charlevil and Judith Gabriel
5) Jannetje Jent Hendrik Chaim Drukker, birth ONG 1710 Amsterdam
Event: event MRT 1734 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 1 Adar I 5494; bride: Jent bat Chaim Drukker z.l, accompanied by brother naaleh Jacob Jokeb bar Chaim Drukker z.l; committed for bride: naaleh Peis bar Judaleib z.l; prospective groom: Yechiel Michel bar Moshe Mossel z.l; committ ed for groom: naaleh Jacob bar Naftali halevi z.l.
[the groom marries perhaps in dtb 721/351]
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