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    Family page
    Levie Joel Minden, birth 1709 Amsterdam, died 1772 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 25 Sivan 5532 - Leib ben Joel Minden., son of Joel Salomon Minden and Wife of Joel
    Married ± 1731, no dtb;
    no tnaim acharonim;
    On 22 Ijar 5491 appear before the trustees of the jewish community of Amsterdam the brothers aluf khr"r Meyer & aluf torani khr"r Uri Peis, sons of aluf katsin khr"r Joel Minden m.h.l, in order to deliver a chalitsa act on behalf of Edil bat katsi n pum khr"r Abraham halevi from Berlin m.h.l, spouse of their brother naaleh khr"r Judaleib.
    Edil Abraham Levie-v.Berlijn, birth ± 1710 Berlijn, died MRT 1741 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 2 Adar 5501 - Edil, wile of Leib Minden.
    1) Sara Levie Joel, birth 1731 Amsterdam, died Jun 1781 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 3 Sivan 5541 - widow of David ben Zanwil Levie [?]
    Married 1749 Amsterdan, dtb 730/145; groom widower of Branca Alexander Levie; witn.bride: f.Levie Joel. to:
    David Levie-Lavino
    2) Aron Levie Joel Minden, birth 1737 Amsterdam
    Married 1756 Amsterdam, dtb 734/470; witn.groom: f.Levie Joel; witn.bride: guardian Jochem Mozes.
    Tnaim acharonim in act 5516/101 on 6 Elul 5516;
    groom: khr"r Aron, accompanied by father aluf katsin torani khr"r Leib ben hr"r Joel Minden z.l;
    bride: Bele bat late Wolf Altschul z.l; the groom's father donates fl. 6000,- to the dowry; he also takes it upon him to house and feed the couple during 4 years after the wedding; he will also make his son partner in his business during 6 years , as is specified in the act made up before notary v.d.Brink on Dec 11th, 1755;
    small brothers groom: Joel & Wolf.
    Bele Wolf Altschul, birth 1737 Suriname, daughter of Wolf Altschul and N.N.

    Family page
    Levie Joel Minden
    Married 1743 Amsterdam, dtb 727/28; witn.groom bachelor[?]: f.Joel Salomon; witn.bride: f.Abraham Levie. to:
    Jetje Jeresh Abraham Levie-v.Berlijn, birth 1723 Berlijn, died MEI 1763 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 9 Ijar 5523 - Jeresh, wife of Leib Minden [?].
    1) Joel Levie Leib Minden, birth after 1743, died 3 Jan 1810 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Joel ben pum Leib Minden, unmarried.
    2) Wolf Levie Minden, birth after 1743
    3) Anna Levie Joel Minden, birth 1748 Amsterdam
    Married 1769 Amsterdam_The Hague, dtb 745/123; witn.groom: f.Benjamin Polak; witn.bride: f.Levie Joel.

    The Hague regiatration: on10 Dec 1769 - Nathan Benjamin Polak & Hanna Levie Joel from Amsterdam.
    Nathan Benjamin Polak, birth 1745 The Hague, son of Benjamin Polak and N.N.
    4) Bloeme Blihm Levie Joel, birth 1763 Amsterdam, died 19 Jun 1831 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 10 Tammuz 1831 [21 Jun 1831] - Bloeme/Blihm Levie Joel, wife of Yechiel Rosen/Kopenhagen.

    G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

    n 19 Jun 1831 - Bloeme Levie Joel, 70 yrs.old, widow of Machiel Israel Rosen.
    info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

    Married 1786 Amsterdam, dtb 756/22; witn.groom: f.Israel Israel; witn.bride: guardian Levie Samson.
    Tnaim acharonim in act 5546/56;
    groom: Yechiel ben Israel Kopenhagen;
    bride: Blihm bat Leib Minden;
    Michiel Yechiel Israel Rosen Kopenhagen, birth 1753 Amsterdam, died 11 May 1820 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Ijar 1820 [12 May 1820] - Machiel/Yechiel Israel Rosen.

    G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
    on 11 May 1820 - Machiel Israel Roosen, 72 yrs.old, spouse of Bloeme Levie Joel.
    (info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
    , son of Israel Israel Yechiel Kopenhagen and Wife of Israel
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