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Noach Hijman Chaim Engers Schats-v.Leiden
Event: event FROM 10 MEI 1778 TO 14 Feb 1783 Leiden premature death of daughters:
on 10 May 1778 - Elisabeth Noach Heijmans from Leiden, at Heerensteeg.
buried at Katwijk Rijn.

n 14 Feb 1783 - Hester Noach Heijmans from Leiden, at Heerensteeg, daughter of Noach Heijmans
buried at Katwijk Rijn.

Married 17 OKT 1762 The Hague, The Hague Jewish marriage registrations:
Noach Heijman from Amsterdam & Duifje Mozes Polak from Amsterdam.
Duifje Mozes Polak, birth A± 1718 Amsterdam, buried 30 Dec 1778 Leiden, ity archive of Leiden:
otification of corpse of Duijfje Moses Polack, 60 yrs.old, spouse of Noach Heijmans in Leiden at Heerensteeg.
to burial in Catwijk a.d.Rhijn.
(info courtesy of Annemarie Rijnveld)
1) Joseph Noach Engers, birth ONG 1767 The Hague, died 3 MEI 1829 Bodegraven, Joseph Noach Engers, 61 yrs.old, has been residing in Bodegraven, 61 yrs.old, vocation: slaughterer, born in The Hague; spouse of Aaltje Moses, living in Bodegraven, son of Noach Heijmans & Duifje Mozes Engers, both deceased.
Notifiers: Levij Noach Engers, 49 yrs.old, tradesman, living in Aarlanderveen, a brother of the deceased, and Jacob Kahn, 25 yrs.old, tradesman, living in Bodegraven, neighbor of the deceased.

Married 20 MEI 1798 Gouda to:
Alida Mozes, birth ONG 1755 Cologne, died 16 Nov 1842 Bodegraven, Aaltje Moses, in Quarter D, nr. 23, Bodegraven, 87 yrs.old, born in Koln. widow of [Joseph] Noach Engers, parents unknown.
Notifier: Philip Kahn, slaughterer, 34 yrs.old, living in Bodegraven, neighbor of the deceased.

Family page
Noach Hijman Chaim Engers Schats-v.Leiden
Married NA Jun 1779 Amsterdam, 751/95; groom widower of Duifje Mozes Polak; witn.bride: uncle Elkan Salomon.

banns in Leijden on 21 May 1779:
Noach Heijmans & Branco Levie; groom is widower of Duijfje Isaack Polak; intended marriage in Amsterdam; place of residence: Leijden.

Event (family) got engaged Jun 1779 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5539/35 on 11 Ijar 5539;
groom: widower naaleh torani k"h Noach ben late k"h Chaim z.l. Sh"Ts from kille kodesh Leiden;
bride: Breinche bat Leib z.l, accompanied by katsin naaleh Elchanan ben hr"r Zelig;
committed for groom: Moshe ben hr"r Chaim z.l;
committed for bride: katsin k"h Simon ben late mho' Juda F"F[Frankfort] z.l.
Branca Breinche Levie Frankfort, birth 1754 Amsterdam, died 12 OKT 1832 Aarlanderveen, Branca Levie Frankfort, 77 yrs.old, spouse of Abraham Gabriels.
Notifiers: Levij Noach Engers, son, 51 yrs.old and Mozes Isaac Penamacor, 80 yrs.old.
1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Levie Judaleib Mozes and Bele Benjamin Ze'ev-Wolf Frankfort
1) Levij Noach Engers, birth 18 MRT 1780 Leiden, on 18 Adar II 5540 - 25 Mar 1780 - circumcision of Judaleib ben Noach by mohel Menachem ben Shmarya Zalman., died 28 Nov 1866 Aarlanderveen, Levie Noach Engers, - died in house nr. 46, 86 yrs.old, cantor with the Jewish community. born in Leiden, and having been residing in Aarlanderveen, widower of Dina Sanders.
Notifiers: Heijman Engers, 36 yrs.old, cigar maker, living in Amsterdam, a son, and
Philip v.Gelderen, 70 yrs.old, slaughterer, living in Aarlanderveen.

Event: event between 1812 and 1836 children born in Aarlanderveen - Jetje Engers, b. 7 Jun 1812
- Sara Engers, b. 27 Mar 1814, deceased 5 Nov 1835, 21 yrs.old
- Sander Engers, b. 29 Sep 1815; married to Gela Mendel, in 's-Gravezande
- Betje Engers, b. 12 Dec 1817; married to Philip v.Gelderen abt 1842; in Zoetermeer
- Noach Engers, b. 13 Dec 1819; deceased 21 Dec 1819
- Kaatje Engers, b. 4 Jan 1821
- Joseph Engers, b. 15 Apr 1825; marries in Amsterdam on 20 Jun 1849, 24 yrs.old, to Judic Joseph Parsser, 32 yrs.old, daughter of Joseph Marcus Parsser & Roosje Zadok v.Praag
- Doortje Engers, b. 24 Jan 1828; deceased 2 Jul 1828
- Aaltje Engers, b. 7 May 1829; deceased 19 Aug 1829
- Heijman Engers, b. 25 May 1830; marries in Amsterdam on 10 Sep 1856, 26 yrs.old to Simha Meljado, 31 yrs.old
- Mozes Engers, b. 2 Jan 1834; marries in Amsterdam on 20 Sep 1899, 65 yrs.old, as widower of Rachel Eliazer v.Kollem, to Betje Mozes de Magtige, 68 yrs.old, widow of Moses Verdooner, daughter of Mozes Israel de Magtige & Judic Knecht
- Abraham Engers, b. 16 Oct 1836; deceased 22 Dec 1837.

Married 20 MEI 1811 The Hague, The Hague Jewish marriage registrations:
Levie Noach Heijman from Leiden & Dina Alexander Marcus from Amsterdam
Dina Sanders, birth ONG 1790 Amsterdam, died 18 Feb 1849 Aarlanderveen, Dina Sanders, 58 yrs.old, spouse of Levij Noach Engers, daughter of Sander Sanders & Doortje v.Praag., daughter of Sander Marcus and Doortje Mozes Visser
2) Bele Noach Engers Schats-v.Leiden, birth 1783 Amsterdam, died 16 Sep 1859 Aarlanderveen, Betje Noach Engers, 79 yrs.old, daughter of Noach Engers & Bransje Wits[?, =? Schats], spouse of Levie Aron v.Creveld, born in Leiden, having been residing in house nr. 342 in Aarlanderveen.
Notifiers: Levie Aron v.Creveld, lombardholder, 63 yrs.old, living in Aarlanderveen, and Gerrit Verkerk, 43 yrs.old, tradesman, in Aarlanderveen.

Married 1805 Amsterdam, dtb 653/320; witn.groom: f.Barend Salomon Polido; witn.bride: m.Branca Levie Frankfort. to:
Isaac Eizik Salomon? Barends Polido, birth 1765 Amsterdam, died 10 MRT 1816 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Isaac Barends, 65[??, =? born in 1765] yrs.old, spouse of Beletje Noach Engers.
Notifier: Abraham Gabriels, 71 yrs.old, stepfather.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, occupation: cantor of the 2nd shul, son of Barend Farli Salomon Shlomo Polido Troeder Italiaander and Rebecca Juda Polak
Event: was naturalized 17 Jan 1812 Amsterdam assumption of name Barends; then living at Jode Herengtacht 35 downstairs, with one son, Noach, 4 yrs.old.
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