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Juda Simon Ashkenazi, died 1745 Konigsbergen, (Eisenstein 1924, p. 31)., occupation: rabbi, member of rabbinical court of Tykocin, Poland, published halachical work 'Be'er Heiteiv' on the jewish codex'Shulchan Aruch'

The years of birth of Yehuda's children indicate, that his wife wasborn after 1689 (=1739-50) and before 1720 (=1735-15). Thus, Yehudawas probably born after 1689. Yehuda was judge (dayan) in therabbinical court of Tykocin, Poland, where his tw o known sons wereborn in the 1730s. Apparently, he visited Amsterdam, where he heardthe Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam, Aryeh Leib, speak (Goldrat 1972, p. 39).Only three volumes of his Ba'er Heitev, a commentary on Joseph Caro'sShulkhan Arukh, were pub lished in Amsterdam: Yoreh Deah in 1736, EvenHa'ezer in 1739 and Orach Chayim in 1742. It may seem odd, that RabbiYehuda Ashkenazi decided to call his commentary Ba'er Heitev, becauseRabbi Isaiah ben Abraham had already called his commentar y by the samename. However, Rabbi Isaiah only wrote one volume, on Orach Chayim.Thus, Rabbi Yehuda intended to continue Rabbi Isaiah's work.Apparently, Rabbi Yehuda's commentary was such a success, that he wasasked to write his own commentar y on Orach Chayim. In his owncommentary, he refers to the previous commentary as to "the Ba'erHeitev before me". Probably, his death in 1745 prevented him fromcompleting the fourth volume. The fourth volume, on Khoshen Mishpat,was written by hi s brother-in-law rabbi Mozes Frankfort (Goldrat 1972,p. 31). Later editions of the Shulkhan Arukh generally containAshkenazi's commentaries to Orach Chayim and Even Ha'ezer only., son of Simon Sofer and N.N. to:
1) Simon Juda Frankfort Ashkenaz, birth 1735 Polen, died 28 MRT 1808 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Simon ben Juda Ashkenaz.
Event: event 22 Aug 1786 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery: unmarried son of mhor"r Simon ben Juda Ashkenaz-F"F.

Married 1755 Amsterdam, dtb 734/277; witn.groom: uncle Isaac Simon; witn.bride: f.Mozes Frankfort.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5516/16 on 24 Marcheshvan 5516; groom: Simon ben mhor"r Juda;
bride: Hindele, accompanied by father aluf torani mufla mhor"r Moshe F"F, who donates fl. 200,- to the dowry.
Hendele Hindele Mozes Frankfort, birth 1730 Amsterdam, died 1782 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 24 Adar 5542 - Hindele, wife of Simon ben Juda Ashkenaz; died in Alkmaar., daughter of Mozes Simon Frankfort and Naomi Salomon Zalman Cohen
2) Joseph Frankfort, birth 1739 Ticotin-Poland
Event: event 1778 Oldenzaal Joseph Frankfort, born Tikketin (Tykocin) ca. 1739, pawn-broker(lombardhouder 1778), died 1799, married (1) Amsterdam 1766 (742-4 Y); witnesses: Simon Frankfort and father bride Isaac Simon) cousin Bele Isaac, daughter of Isaac Simon [F"F]; (2) He ndrina Hartog Abrahams, born after 1750.

The tombstone of his grandson J. S. Frankfort from 1891 reads: "Jozef, son of the chaver Simon, descendant (neched) of morenu harav Yuda Diktin." The sources mention two people by the name Joseph Frankfort of about the same age. The first was bo rn in Amsterdam, married Bele there, and disappears from the records after the birth of a son in 1776. The second appears as a pawn-broker in Oldenzaal two years later in 1778, was married to Hendrina and died there in 1799. We have reason to beli eve that they are one and the same person. First, the tombstone of a grandson of the second person calls him a descendent of Yehuda Ashkenazi. The father of the first Joseph is not mentioned anywhere. However, Joseph was born in Tykocin at abou t the same time as Simon Simon. Second, the two pieces of life history do not overlap. Probably, the witness Simon Frankfort is Joseph's brother. The 1795 Census of Oldenzaal mentions Joseph Frankfort, pawn-broker, heading a household of seven. Wh o is the seventh household member? A servant or Yehuda (born 1776)? Probably, Joseph Frankfort moved to Oldenzaal in 1778, because in that year he became leaseholder of the pawnshop of Oldenzaal, enjoying full civil rights of the town, includin g exemption of guard duty and quartering of the military. For this he paid a yearly lease of 42 guilders and an additional yearly sum of 30 guilders to the Magistrate. In 1783 the lease was renewed for six years. In 1792, the pawnshop was taken ov er by Hartz Samson (Corwin n. d.; Weustink 2003). Joseph must have died in 1799, because in the same year his wife gave birth to a son by the name of Joseph. For his desendants see Noach.

Married 1766 Amsterdam, dtb 742/4; witn.groom: Simon Frankfort; witn.bride: f.Isaac Simon. to:
Bele Isaac Frankfort, birth 1742 Amsterdam, daughter of Isaac Itsak Simon Frankfort and Branca Brivchi Isaac Eizik
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