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Benedictus Baruch-Bendit Salomon Shlomo Dushness, birth Prague, died 2 Sep 1803 Nijmegen, S.Seeligman: Died on 15 Elul 5563 in Nijmegen, where he served as chief rabbi.
Buried at the ancient jewish cemetery there.
, occupation: Enkhuizen, Nijmegen, rabbi in Enkhuizen
chief rabbi of Nijmegen since 1782
(info from mr. Jan Vegers), son of Salomon Shlomo Dushness and N.N.
Married ONG 1755 Prague to:
Ester Meyer Margalioth, birth 1735 Prague, father: Meyer Fischel, beadle in Prague.
Her signature: Hester Meyer Buntzel (in act of marriage contract before notary Lambertus Pietersz. Stoppendaal in Nijmegen on 18 Aug 1802 ( 58-137), with authorisation for Moses Lehren, businessman in The Hague)
(info mr. Jan Vegers)
, died 3 MRT 1818 The Hague, S.Seeligman: died on 25 Adar I 5578 in The Hague, and was buried there on 26 Adar I;
notification of her death by son-in-law Mozes Lissa, 57 yrs.old, businessman, among others.
1) Judith Jettele Benedictus Bendit Dushness, birth ONG 1755 Prague, died MRT 1821 The Hague, Lea-Jettele bat mho' Bendit Dushnith, died on 20 Adar 5581 in The Hague and was buried there.
Died on 13 Mar 1822 and was buried on 21 Adar 5582 (14 Mar 1822) - according to mr. Jan Vegers
, occupation: The Hague, kept shop in cottonware in The Hague, St. Jacobstr..
Married 1782 Amsterdam, dtb 753/173; witn.groom: David Salomon; witn.bride: f.Benedictus Dushness.
Event (family) got engaged Feb 1782 Amsterdam On 3 Shevat 5542 an act is made up before the trustees of the jewish community in The Hague, wherein the wonderful bachelor, faultless and elevated in the tora requirements and well versed therein as well, khr"r Moshe b"h Zwi Hirsch, names and aut horises the rabbi, the great and reknown genius mohr"r Sha'ul, chief rabbi of kille kodesh Amsterdam to connect him [in engagement] with the well versed maiden Jettel, daughter of the wonderful rabbani mho' Baruch Bendit Dushnith-Segal, who live s in Amsterdam, and intends to engage his daughter Jettel in marriage according to the law of Mozes & Israel; signed by hak' Moshe Lehren from Mannheim.

Tnaim rishonim in act 5542/13 on 6 Shevat 5542; the great and reknown genius, his generation's example mohr"r Sha'ul m.h.l, chiefrabbi of our community, who comes on behalf of and amply authorised by the faultless bachelor, the wonderful torani k" h Moshe ben k"h Hirsch z.l, as authorised on last 3 Cheshvan before the trustees of the jewish community of The Hague;
the wonderful torani rabbani mohr"r Bendit ben hr"r Shlomo Dushnit-Segal z.l, who comes on behalf of his daughter the dear and well versed maiden Jettele; the bride's father will donate fl. 700,- to the dowry; intended chuppa in Amsterdam in th e month Adar of 5543;
committed for groom: aluf katsin mefursam k"h Ephraim Tiel m.h.l. from The Hague, as specified in the authorisation act;
committed for bride: katsin torani mefursam pu hr"r Leib Norden m.h.l.
Mozes Hartog Hirsch Lehren, birth 1747 Meissenheim, died 3 Jan 1815 The Hague, Abraham-Moshe Lehren died on 21 Teveth 5575 and was buried on 22 Teveth in The Hague.
He was dayan & pu"m in The Hague - see: S. Seeligman in 'Catalog der reichhaltigen Sammlung hebraischer u. judischer Bucher, Handschriften etc, nachgelassen von N.H. van Biema in Amsterdam, 1904.
, son of Hirsch Akiba Lehren and Gelle Uri-Peis Kanstat
2) Hartog Hirsch Benedictus Dusness, birth ONG 1760 Prague, died 11 Jan 1823 The Hague, buried at jewish cemetery in The Hague on 28 Teveth 5583 (12 Jan) as Naftali ben Bendit halevi Dusnits.
(info mr. Jan Vegers)

Event: was naturalized 5 Nov 1811 The Hague assumed the name Dusnus.

Married 10 MRT 1799 The Hague, marriage banns:
in The Hague on 3 Feb 1799
in Rotterdam on 9 Feb 1799 - with attest to The Hague on 24 Feb.
(info mr. Jan Vegers)
Sara Tserle Salomon Zelig Strauss-Cohen, birth Frankfurt Am Main, died 3 Aug 1849 The Hague, buried at jewish cemetery on 18 Aw 5609 (6 Aug) as Serle bat Selig Kats, daughter of Isaac Zelig Strauss-Cohen.
(info mr. Jan Vegers)
3) Jacob Benedictus Dushness, birth 1764 Prague, died 20 Sep 1826 Enkhuizen
Married 24 MEI 1808 The Hague, marriage banns on 30 Apr 1808
marriage on 29 May 1808
(info mr. Jan Vegers)
Clara Abraham Cohen, birth 1771 The Hague, born in Prague according to mr. Jan Vegers., died 28 Dec 1848 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: buried on 31 Dec 1848 - Klaartje/Rachel_Klehr Abraham Cohen, wife of Jacob Duschnus
4) Roosje Benedictus Dushness, birth ONG 1778 Nijmegen, died 22 Jul 1859 The Hague, buried at jewish cemetery on 24 Jul 1859
(info mr. Jan Vegers)

Married 29 Aug 1802 Nijmegen, synagogual marriage in Nijmegen.
marriage banns:
in The Hague on 15 Jul 1802
in Nijmegen on 16 Jul 1802
(info mr. Jan Vegers)
Mozes Lissa, birth ONG 1757 Lissa - Poland, died 15 MEI 1847 The Hague, occupation: , dealer in bonds
founder of bank Kann & Lissa in The Hague in 1806 together with Hirschel Eliazer Kann.
(until 1906 called: 'firma Kann & Lissa', then 'N.V. Bankierskantoor Kann & Lissa'; on 1 Jan 1967 integrated into the bank 'Mees & Hope')
was son of Calmus Lissa, chief rabbi of Frankfurt, 1759-1768, and Hyacintha Lissa.
descends from talmudists Caro and Landau.
(info mr. Jan Vegers)
Event: was naturalized 19 Dec 1811 The Hague
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