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Leib Abraham Hamburg(er), died 13 MRT 1720 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 14 Adar II 5480 - the old gaon mohr"r Leib Hamburger, AB"D Rotterdam (fisches Frank nr. 540)., occupation: chiefrabbi of Rotterdam to:
Sara-Gittelen Abraham Aberle Wirmeise, died 25 Jan 1712 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Shevat 5472 - wife of AB"D [chiefrabbi] Leib Hamburg
fisches Frank nr. 669: Sara Gittelen bat chasid AB"D mohr"r Aberle z.l. Wirmeise.
, daughter of Abraham Aberle Yoshua Wirmeise and Sara Tsirle Jacob
1) Eliaser Leizer Levie Hamburger, birth ONG 1660 Amsterdam, died 2 Sep 1723 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 13 Elul 5483 - Leizer Hamburger, son of mhor"r Leib Hamburg; died suddenly.
Event: event between 1693 and 1699 death of children Muiderberg cemetery:
on 22 Tammuz 5453 - child of Leizer Hamburger
on 22 Shevat 5456 - child " "
on 30 Adar I 5459 - child " Hamburg
on 14 Aw 5459 - child " Hamburger

Married 1682 Amsterdam, dtb 693/214; witn.groom: f.Levie Abraham; witn.bride: f.Aron Joseph. to:
Rachel Rechla Aron Moznum, birth 1662 Amsterdam, died 25 Jan 1733 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 20 Shevat 5493 - widow of Leizer Hammelburg [?], daughter of Aron Joseph Moznum and Eva Benjamin Wolf Swaab
Event: event 29 Apr 1727 request of city council of Amsterdam Rachel Arents, widow and universal inheritor of Elias Levie, according to the will passed on 23 Sep 1721 before public notary Pieter Schabaalje & witnesses, now wishes according to this situation to dispose of some seats in the great synagogue; sh e however experienced to her amazement, that the parnassim cause disturbances in exercising her rights to transfer these seats without a pronouncement from the noble reverable gents of the city council; and although the requester believes, tha t these obstacles should disappear of their own, as these seats have no connection with anyone else, she nevertheless turns to the council in order to refrain from dissent, and requests their decision in which the parnassim will be ordered to tran sfer these seats, left to her by her husband, on the names of the people she will sell them to.
The city council agrees with this, and orders the parnassim to cite the seats on the extra-ordinary roll. Decision of 29 Apr 1727 and again 8 May 1727.
2) Telts Levie Hamburger, died 21 Nov 1753 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 24 Cheshvan 5514 - Telts, widow of Zalman Norden = Telts bat AB"D [aw beth-din = chief rabbinical judge] mhor"r Leib z.l.Hamburger, wife of aged khr"r Zalman Norden z.l. (fisches Frank nr.377).
Event: event Sep 1729 acquisition of seat in synagogue of Amsterdam on 14 Elul 5489 appears before the trustees of the jewish community the widow Ester bat Katriel z.l, widow of the late pum khr"r Jacob Fles z.l. and sells a seat in the great synagogue to mrs. Telzchi, widow of the late khr"r Zalman Norden z.l.

Married ONG 1695 to:
Salomon Shlomo-Zalman Juda Norden, died 1728 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 3 Teveth 5488 - the old Zalman Norden.
3) Isaac Eizik Levie Leib Hamburg, died 10 MRT 1714 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 5 Nissan 5474 - mhor"r Eizik ben Leib Hamburg, member of chevra kedosha Gemiluth Chasadim.
Married ONG 1700 Amsterdam to:
Neeltje Ella Philip nathan-Feidel, died 11 Aug 1761 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 11 Aw 5521 - Ella bat Feitel, widow of Wolf Bromet. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Philip Nathan-Feidel Levie Juda and Gutrat
Event: event between Sep 1730 and Apr 1731 acquiring seats in the synagogue of Amsterdam on 19 Elul 5490 appears before the trustees of the jewish community mrs. Jutche bat Shlomo Zalman hakohen z.l. amply empowered and authorised thereto by her spouse Feibel m.h.l. and sells a seat in the great synagogue to gevira mrs. Ella bat lat e pu khr"r Nathan Feidel z.l..

On 2 Nissan 5491 the couple Mirjam ben Isaac z.l. & spouse Shlomo ben Moshe Pelts z.l. appears before the trustees of the jewish community with authorisation and empowerment from Eizik m.h.l, and sell a seat to Ella bat pum khr"r Nathan Feidel z.l .
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