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Hesse Yecheskel Simon Goldsmit kassel-Levie, birth ONG 1690 Kassel, died 24 Apr 1733 Kassel, Bettenhausen cemetery B432d[?]., son of Simon Goldsmit Kassel-Levie and Motche Ruben Levie
Event: event between 1710 and 1728 Leipzig in 1710 and in 1728 Hanns (Hesse) Goldschmidt from Kassel visited the fair at Leipzig, from Freudenthal, 1928, p' 146 (courtesy of dr. Jona Schellekens).
Event: was counted in a census MEI 1729 Kassel according to Horwitz, 1926, the household of Hesse Goldschmidt is one of 16 households mentioned in a list from May 1729.
His household consisted of: himself, his wife, 3 children, a 54-year old nurse maid, 2 servants of 23 & 24 yrs, a 24-year-old maid, and Peschen, 24 yrs.old.
Event: event 1716 Kassel according to CAHJP, notes of Daniel Cohen (courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens).
Event: event 1727 Kassel from: Horwitz, c.1930, p' 43 (courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens).
According to this source: 'he is the founder of the once world famous indigo firm of the Goldschmidt brothers'.
Event: event 7 Dec 1731 Kassel 'the merchants from Kassel, Benedix and Hessen Goldschmit obtain a special trade privilege for Waldeck; one may assume, that they also supplied to the court', from Schnee, 1955, p' 88 (courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens).
Event: event 1729 Kassel 'Hiskia ben Simon Segal & Sarle, daughter of Herz Oppenheim donate a curtain for the Holy Ark in Kassel, from Hallo.
Event: event Kassel in addition to Bula, the couple had the children: Hanna, Ruben & Baer; from Cohen, 1996, p' 520 (courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens).
Event: event 1717 Amsterdam G.A.A., N.A. 6106, 17-8-1717: 'Benedix & Hessen Goldschmit of Kassel had business contacts with the grandson of Moshe Kramer, Mozes Goldschmit (courtesy of dr. Jona Schellekens).

Married ONG 1715 to:
Sara Herz Oppenheim, birth ONG 1695, died 29 Aug 1760 Kassel, Bettenhausen cemetery B309 (courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens)
1) Bele Bonele Ezechiel Yecheskel Goldsmit Kassel-Levie, birth 1717 Kassel, Bonele or Bula Goldsmit is a daughter of Hesse Goldschmidt of Kassel;a list of jewish inhabitants of Kassel in 1729 published by Horwitz in1926 mentions Bula, daughter of Hesse Goldschmidt, then 12 yrs.old; Hesse dies in 1733. (courtesy of Dr. Jon a Schellekens)., died 23 Aug 1771 Kassel, cemetery of Bettenhausen B281: 'Bunla, wife of R' Michel Levie' (courtesy of dr. Jona Schellekens).
Married ONG 1734 to:
Michiel Yechiel-Michel Levie Leib Levie-Drukker, birth ONG 1714 Amsterdam, died 31 Jan 1791 Kassel, Bettenhausen cemetery B282: 'moreinu Yechiel Michel Levie' (courtesy of dr. Jona Schellekens)., occupation: tax collector, courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens; from Cohen, 1996, p' 584., son of Levie Marcus Mordechai Levie-Drukker and Bele Levie Leib Bing
Event: event MEI 1734 Amsterdam On 14 Ijar 5494 appear before the trustees of the jewish community in Amsterdam the brothers aluf khr"r Samuel & aluf khr"r Naftali Hirts, sons of aluf katsin pum torani khr"r Judaleib halevi m.h.l, in order to sign a chalitsa act on behalf of Bon ele bat late katsin khr"r Yecheskel halevi z.l, who is about to become the spouse of their brother Yechiel Michel.
Event: event MEI 1734 Amsterdam On 14 Ijar 5494 apears before the trustees of the jewish community of Amsterdam the couple gevira Beile bat late pum khr"r Judaleib Bing z.l. & husband aluf katsin pum torani khr"r Judaleib ben late pum Mordechai Levie z.l. and donate a seat in th e great synagogue to their son naaleh Yechiel Michel.
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