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Levie Marcus Mordechai Levie-Drukker, birth 1678 Amsterdam, died 22 MRT 1741 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 5 Nissan 5501 - Leib Levie
fisches Frank nr. 497: pum Arieleib ben pu Mordechai Levie.
, occupation: tabakspinder, businessman, son of Marcus Mordechai Samuel Levie-Drukker and Kela Mordechai Hagenau
Event: event between 1703 and 1711 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery:
on 27 Aw 5463 - child
on 8 Shevat 5471 - child of Leib ben Mordechai Levie-Drukker.
Event: event 18 Apr 1714 Amsterdam Agreement between Levij & Symon Marcus and Aron & Symon Abrahams to send Jacob Joseph Hammelburg & Samuel Meyer Levij to Suriname on the ship 'De Vrede' in order to deal and negotiate there .
(G.A.A. Notarial Archives 7537 on 18/4/1714 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
Event: signed a will 6 MRT 1741 Amsterdam Will made up before public notary Jan Barels by Levij Marcus & mrs. Belletije Levij Bing, who live at 'De Swarte Kater' at the Oude Schans.
Levij Marcus being ill at bed and his spouse in good health, though both clearminded and wellspoken, etc.
They appoint each other as sole and universal inheritor of the whole estate.
Mentioned are sons Samuel, Hartog & Michiel and orphaned grandson Samuel.
The intervention of the Weeskamer of the town is gracefully, though explicitly declined.
(G.A.A. collection Grondpapieren, Archive 5011, nr. 335/336 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)

[It seems, that the deceased son-in-law of the couple, the father of the orphaned grandson Samuel is Abraham Moses Levij: 'On 13 Jun 1742 Samuel Levij has shown a mutual will of Levij Marcus & Beletje Levij Bing, which was passed before notary Ja n Barels & witnesses on Mar 6th, 1741, in which the Weeskamer was secluded in connection with Samuel, the minor son left by Abraham Moses Levij; signed by the weesmeesteren O.Graefland Jans & Mr. N.Witsen'.]
(G.A.A. Weeskamer 5073/899, p' 12 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
[It is ver y possible, that this son-in-law died in Naarden and was buried at Muiderberg site on 28 Adar I 5502 = ~March 1742]

Married 12 Sep 1698 Amsterdam, G.A.A. dtb 701/52 on 12/9/1698.
(from Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
Bele Levie Leib Bing, birth 1680 Amsterdam, died Aug 1764 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 26 Aw 5524 - the old Beile bat Leib Bing, widow of Leib Levie., daughter of Levie Michiel Bing and Wife of Leib
Event: event 14 Jan 1762 Amsterdam Beletje Levij, now 82 yrs.old, has encountered problems because of a changed situation.
The house next to hers at the Oude Schans has been demolished and will be resurrected (hertimmerd). Her own house, with the sign of the black cat, is in danger of crashing in, because of its age, its fragility and the demolishing of the neigbourin g house. It thus should be demolished as well and be resurrected. This rebuilding does not convene the suppliant in her high age.
Her son Samuel as well as her grandson Samuel have both died. According to the text of the will she should take advice from the children of her deceased son, who are living abroad, which makes this quite impossible. She therefore request of 'he t Hof van Holland' to obtain consent to sell this house against fl. 5000,- in five sheets of obligations, which will be substitute for the house as part of the estate, mentioned in the will. Her request is approved.
(G.A.A. Collection Grondpapieren, Archive 5011, nr 335/335 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
1) Samuel Levie Leib Levie-Drukker, birth 1703 Amsterdam, died 30 Nov 1747 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Kislev 5508 - Samuel Levie [?].
Event: event 6 Nov 1743 ensuring rights of orphans in Amsterdam meeting with the Weeskamer (citybody regulating rights of orphans), [perhaps in preparation of his second marriage]:
Samuel Levij Junior, jewdealer, having proven his having 5 children: Casten, 21 yrs.old, Michiel, 20 yrs.old, Branco, 19 yrs.old, Nathan, 15 yrs.old & Fraatje, 13 yrs.old, from his wife Ester Castan Levij, who left them an inhertance of fl. 4515,- ; and he renounces[?] the benefits of the division and execution by that body; and introduces as committed persons Simon Marcus Levij & Mozes Levij Bing, and this complies with Samuel Andries Meyer [?]; Moses Levij Bing is the maternal cousin; bef ore the sirs Mr. M.Backer & B.Boreel, weesmeesteren.
(G.A.A. Weeskamer, film 5016, 6/11/1743 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)

Married 26 MRT 1722 Amsterdam, dtb 713/94; witn.groom: f.Levie Marcus; witn.bride: f.Marcus Casten Levie. to:
Ester Marcus Model Levie V.Hamburg, birth 1707 Hamburg, died 1733 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 23 Aw 5493 - wife of Samuel ben Leib Levie = Ester bat Model Segal from Hamburg, wife of pu Samuel Levie Drukker (fisches Frank nr. 575).
2) Hartog Naftali-Hirts Levie Leib Levie-Drukker, birth 1707 Amsterdam
Event: event Sep 1728 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 7 Tishre 5489 - child of Hartog Levie Levie.
Event: event Dec 1735 Amsterdam In the tnaim rishonim act of 23 Kislev 5496 aluf khr"r Moshe Hirts ben katsin pu khr"r Leib Levie m.h.l. is committed for bride Tserle, accompanied by father naaleh Gabriel ben khr"r David z.l, who engages to become married to bachelor naaleh Meye r ben Chaim Abraham z.l; committed for groom: naaleh Samuel bar Yoshua halevi z.l.
[No marriage follows these tnaim; the bride marries in dtb 722/408; the groom marries in dtb 723/365]

Married 1727 Amsterdam, dtb 716/58; witn.groom: f.Levie Marcus; witn.bride: f.Mozes Levie. to:
Dina Mozes Levie-Drukker, birth 1708 Amsterdam, died 1 Apr 1782 Maarssen, Muiderberg cemetery: on 17 Nissan 5542 - the old Dina, wife of Hirts ben Leib Levie; died in Maarssen., daughter of Mozes Marcus Mordechai Levie-Drukker and Edel Abraham Levie
3) Michiel Yechiel-Michel Levie Leib Levie-Drukker, birth ONG 1714 Amsterdam, died 31 Jan 1791 Kassel, Bettenhausen cemetery B282: 'moreinu Yechiel Michel Levie' (courtesy of dr. Jona Schellekens)., occupation: tax collector, courtesy of dr.Jona Schellekens; from Cohen, 1996, p' 584.
Event: event MEI 1734 Amsterdam On 14 Ijar 5494 appear before the trustees of the jewish community in Amsterdam the brothers aluf khr"r Samuel & aluf khr"r Naftali Hirts, sons of aluf katsin pum torani khr"r Judaleib halevi m.h.l, in order to sign a chalitsa act on behalf of Bon ele bat late katsin khr"r Yecheskel halevi z.l, who is about to become the spouse of their brother Yechiel Michel.
Event: event MEI 1734 Amsterdam On 14 Ijar 5494 apears before the trustees of the jewish community of Amsterdam the couple gevira Beile bat late pum khr"r Judaleib Bing z.l. & husband aluf katsin pum torani khr"r Judaleib ben late pum Mordechai Levie z.l. and donate a seat in th e great synagogue to their son naaleh Yechiel Michel.

Married ONG 1734 to:
Bele Bonele Ezechiel Yecheskel Goldsmit Kassel-Levie, birth 1717 Kassel, Bonele or Bula Goldsmit is a daughter of Hesse Goldschmidt of Kassel;a list of jewish inhabitants of Kassel in 1729 published by Horwitz in1926 mentions Bula, daughter of Hesse Goldschmidt, then 12 yrs.old; Hesse dies in 1733. (courtesy of Dr. Jon a Schellekens)., died 23 Aug 1771 Kassel, cemetery of Bettenhausen B281: 'Bunla, wife of R' Michel Levie' (courtesy of dr. Jona Schellekens)., daughter of Hesse Yecheskel Simon Goldsmit kassel-Levie and Sara Herz Oppenheim
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