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Gerson Hartog, birth 9 Jul 1748 The Hague, circumcision of Gershon ben Zwi on 15 Jul 1748 in The Hague by mohel Menachem ben Shmarya Zalman., died 7 Jan 1829 The Hague, Gerson Hartog, 83 yrs.old, son of Hartog Gerson & Hijntje Wolf, widower of Elsje v.Praag.
Married 15 MEI 1774 The Hague to:
Elsje Jacob v.Praag, birth ONG 1748 Leiden, died 3 Aug 1824 The Hague, Hesje v.Praag, 76 yrs.old, born in Leijden, daughter of Jacob v.Praag & Kaatje Moses [?], both deceased, spouse of Gerson Hartog.
Notifier: Hartog Gerson, 35 yrs.old, tradesman, son.
, daughter of Jacob Aron v.Praag-Levie and Jacomijntje Nathan
1) Wolf Gerson Hartog, birth The Hague
Married 21 Feb 1802 The Hague to:
Sara Sipora Salomon Samuel Bino, birth The Hague
2) Ester Gerson
Married 15 MEI 1803 The Hague to:
Philip Mozes de Wilde, birth ONG 1768, died 7 Nov 1840 The Hague, Philip de Wilde, 72 yrs.old, son of Moses Philip[?] de Wilde & Kaatje[?], spouse of Hester Hartog., son of Mozes Joel de Wilde and Vrouwtje Eliazer
3) Kaatje Hartog, birth ONG 1782 The Hague, died 2 Jul 1830 The Hague, Kaatje Hartog, 48 yrs.old, daughter of Gerson Hartog & Elsje v.Praag.
4) Hartog Gerson, birth 28 MRT 1788 The Hague
Married 23 Sep 1818 Maassluis, Hartog Gerson, born on 28 Mar 1788 in The Hague, son of Gerson Hartog & Elsie Jacob v.Praag, and
Elsje v.Engers, born on 1 Aug 1797 in Maassluis, daughter of Jacob Israel v.Engers & Hester Jacobs.
(divorced 26 MEI 1824 The Hague, verdict of arrondissements-court on 15 May 1824) to:
Elsje v.Engers, birth 1 Aug 1797 Maassluis
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