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Jacob Aron v.Praag-Levie, birth ONG 1727 Leiden, died 22 Dec 1791 Leiden, buried at the Jewish cemetery of Leiden - tomstone 041, son of Aron v.Praag-Levie and N.N.
Married 10 Jul 1745 Leiden, Jacob v.Praag & Jacobmina Nathans from Nieuw Maarsseveen. to:
Jacomijntje Nathan, birth Nieuw Maarsseveen, died 14 Jun 1794 Leiden, Jacomijntje Nathan, buried outside Leiden, residing at Raamsteeg, spouse of Jacob v.Praag.
1) Elsje Jacob v.Praag, birth ONG 1748 Leiden, died 3 Aug 1824 The Hague, Hesje v.Praag, 76 yrs.old, born in Leijden, daughter of Jacob v.Praag & Kaatje Moses [?], both deceased, spouse of Gerson Hartog.
Notifier: Hartog Gerson, 35 yrs.old, tradesman, son.

Married 15 MEI 1774 The Hague to:
Gerson Hartog, birth 9 Jul 1748 The Hague, circumcision of Gershon ben Zwi on 15 Jul 1748 in The Hague by mohel Menachem ben Shmarya Zalman., died 7 Jan 1829 The Hague, Gerson Hartog, 83 yrs.old, son of Hartog Gerson & Hijntje Wolf, widower of Elsje v.Praag.
2) Schoontje Jacob v.Praag, birth ONG 1754 Leiden, died 14 Aug 1831 Rijnsburg, Schoontje Jacobsdr. v.Praag, born in Leijden, 77 yrs.old, spouse of Nathan Cohen.
Married 1 Jul 1781 The Hague to:
Nathan Levie Cohen, birth ONG 1747 Harderwijk, died 8 Jan 1834 Katwijk Binnen, Nathan Levie Cohen, 86 yrs.old, widower of Schoontje v.Praag, born in Katwijk Binnen[?]
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