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Philip Peis Emanuel Mendele Konigswinter Kop Katsav, birth 1696 Amsterdam, died 18 MRT 1776 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 27 Adar 5536 - the old Peis ben Mendele Kop., occupation: butcher, son of Emanuel Mendele Konigswinter Kop and Branca Breine Michiel
Event: event 1784 execution of will in Amsterdam In a special act concerning the late Peis ben Mendele Konigswinter's inheritance, the following heirs are mentioned: Michel ben Peis for himself and on behalf of his late brother Mendele's heirs;
Bliem bat Peis & husband k"h Elyakum bar Jacob z.l; Rechla bat Peis & husband Simon ben Michel Konigswinter; the children & heirs of the late Simon ben Peis; the act seems to divide only the return of a debt the late son Itsak ben Peis had to hi s father's estate, and which was now returned; the act is signed by [amidst others]: Mendele bar hr"r Simon z.l, on behalf of all his siblings for the amount of fl. 30,- (out of fl. 150,-); Abraham Michel ben Peis Konigswinter z.l. on behalf of hi s brother Mendele z.l.'s children.

Married 1721 Amsterdam, dtb 713/16; witn.groom: m.Branca Michiel; witn.bride: f.Isaac de Vries. to:
Maaijke Malka Isaac de Vries Jaffe, birth 1696 Amsterdam, died 21 Apr 1782 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 7 Ijar 5542 - widow of Peis ben Mendele Kop-Katsav., daughter of Isaac Itsak Mozes de Vries Jaffe and N.N.
1) Emanuel Mendele Philip Peis Konigswinter Kop, birth 1723 Amsterdam, died 25 Jan 1766 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 15 Shevat 5526 - Mendele ben Peis Kop.
Married 1749 Amsterdam, dtb 730/212; witn.groom: f.Philip Emanuel; witn.bride: f.Samuel Wertheim. to:
Marianne Samuel Wertheim Poppetje, birth 1724 Amsterdam, died 1766 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 22 Shevat 5526 - Mirjam ben Samuel Poppetje, widow of Mendele ben Peis Kop., daughter of Samuel Salomon Klonimus-Kalman Wertheim and Duifje Toib Marcus Meyer Swaab Pakker
2) Simon Philip Uri-Peis Konigswinter Kop, birth 1725 Amsterdam, died 1766 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 15 Nissan 5526 - Simon ben Peis Kop.
Event: event MEI 1762 death of child Zeeburg cemetery: on 5 Ijar 5522 - child of Simon Philip Kop.

Married 7 MRT 1751 Amsterdam, dtb 731/278 on 19 Feb 1751; witn.groom: f.Philip Emanuel; witn.bride: f.Hartog Boas.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5511/37 on 20 Adar 5511;
groom: Simon, accompanied by father naaleh Uri Peis ben Mendel Konigswinter;
bride: Feile, accompanied by father aluf torani khr"r Moshe Naftali Hirsch ben R' Shaul z.l;
brothers groom: Mendele, Michel & Itsak;
mother bride: Freidche bat Yecheskel z.l. [Cohen].
Abigael Feile Hartog Boas, birth 1725 Amsterdam, died 8 Jan 1795 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: widow of Simon ben Peis Kop., daughter of Hartog Zwi-Hirsch Saul Boas and Vrouwtje Freidche Ezechiel Yecheskel Cohen
3) Eliaser Lazi Philip Feibesh Konigswinter Kop Katsav, birth Apr 1726 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 30 Nissan 5486 - circumcision of Elieser Lazi ben Feibesh ben Mendele Konigswinter.
4) Isaac Itsak Philip Peis Konigswinter Kop, birth 1728 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 18 Ijar 5487 - circumcision of Isaac Itsak ben Feibesh[?] ben Mendele Konigswinter.

Event: event OKT 1764 death of child Zeeburg cemetery: on 19 Cheshvan 5525 - child of Isaac Philip Kop.

Married 1756 Amsterdam, dtb 734/339; witn.groom: f.Philip Emanuel; witn.bride: f.Levie Pinchas.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5516/47 on the 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Adar II 5516;
groom: Itsak ben Peis Kenigswinter;
bride: Hindele, accompanied by father Judaleib ben hr"r Pinchas;
brothers groom: Mendele, Simon & Michel;
mother bride: Lea bat Yechiel halevi z.l.
Anna Hindele Levie Balbirer, birth 1737 Amsterdam, died 1785 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 13 Sivan 5545 - wife of Itsak ben Peis Kop., daughter of Levie Judaleib Pinchas Balbirer and Lea Michiel Yechiel Schmalkalen Levie-Menist
5) Rachel Rechla Philip Peis Konigswinter, birth 1729 Amsterdam, died 23 Aug 1797 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: widow of Simon ben Michel Kop.
Married 1747 Amsterdam, dtb 729/126; witn.groom: m.Sara de Vries; witn.bride: f.Philip Emanuel. to:
Simon Michiel Konigswinter Kop, birth 1718 Amsterdam, died 19 Sep 1788 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Simon ben Michel Kop, died suddenly., son of Michiel Michel Emanuel Mendele Konigswinter Kop and Sara Tsere Isaac de Vries
6) Michiel Philip Peis Heijm Konigswinter, birth 1734 Amsterdam, died 16 Aug 1818 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Machiel Philip Heijm[?], 87 yrs.old, widower of Judic Wolf Berlijn.
Notifiers: Isaac Simon Kops, 61 yrs.old, nephew[= son of cousin] and Ephraim Heigmans, 64 yrs.old, nephew[= spouse of daughter of cousin]
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 1765 Amsterdam, dtb 741/127; witn.groom: f.Philip Emanuel; witn.bride: brother Mozes Berlijn. to:
Judith Wolf Berlijn, birth 1744 Amsterdam, died 17 Apr 1816 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Judick Wolf Berlijn, 71 yrs.old, spouse of Machiel Philip Heim[?].
Notifier: Marcus Nathan Samuel Haalman, 60 yrs.old, cousin[= spouse of husband's cousin].
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, daughter of Wolf Berlijn and N.N.
7) Bloeme Philip Peis Konigswinter, birth 1736 Amsterdam, died 19 MEI 1821 Leeuwarden, info Chaim Caran.
Married 9 Jul 1756 Amsterdam, dtb 735/28; witn.groom: m.Minkje Salomon; witn.bride: f.Philip Emanuel. to:
Joseph Mozes Polak-Drogist, birth 4 Aug 1739 Leeuwarden, died 3 Aug 1765 Leeuwarden, his mother: Minke Salomon Cohen.
(info courtesy of Chaim Caran)
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