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Jacob v.Minden, birth ONG 1740, died 2 Feb 1821 Amersfoort, Jacob Eleazar v.Minden, 81 yrs.old, spouse of Martje Juda Hartog., son of Eliaser Abraham v.Minden and Judith Abraham
patronym unsure: either Juda or Eleazar.

Event: event 8 MRT 1825 additional children - Judith Jacobs v.Minden, born on 1 Jun 1769; banns on 5 Aug 1796 in Amersfoort - according to a declaration from Hilversum - marrying to Isaak Hartog, widower of Zaartje Barend Marcus, in Hilversum; marriage on 23 Aug 1796 according to a declarat ion of Abraham Herschel.

- Jannetje Jacobs v.Minden, born on 9 Jul 1774, marries 1) Salomon Abraham Fles, born in Risen, residing in Stichting Veenendaal; banns on 24 Nov 1797 in Amersfoort; , banns in Veenendaal on 27 Oct 1797; marries 2) as widow of Salomon Fles; bann s in Amersfoort on 6 Jun 1900 with Salomon Moses Polac, widower of Hester Emanuel, both drom Amersfoort; marriage on 20 Jun in Amersfoort.

- Hanna v.Minden, born 3 Mar 1780

- Berendina v.Minden, born on 14 Jun 1782; marries a Belia v.Minden, assisted by father Jacob v.Minden to Manus Wolf from Tiel; banns on 23 Jun 1807 in Amersfoort: Manus Wolf, bachelor, residing in Tiel and Belia v.Minden, maiden, residing in Amer sfoort: the request, that the 3 marriage proclamations may be circulated also here, has been accorded. A daughter of this couple, Fij Wolf, born in Dinther, Noord-Brabant on 20 Jun 1823, marries on 11 Jun 1851, 27 yrs.old in Zaltbommel to Natha n v.Straaten, 23 yrs.old, son of Marcus v.Straaten & Roosje Speelman.
Elizabeth v.Minde, spouse of Manus Wolf, daughter of Jacob Ruben[?] v.Minde & Marjanna v.Minde dies in Zaltbommel on 2 Aug 1853, 72 yrs.old; Manus Wolf dies in Zaltbommel on 13 Feb 1854, 80 yrs.old, widower of Elizabeth v.Minde.

- Abraham Jacob v.Minden, circumcised 18 Jun 1783
- Betje v.Minden, born 31 Jan 1788
- Hartog Jacob v.Minden, circumcised on 7 Apr 1789

- .

Eliazer Jacob v.Minden, 48 yrs.old, single, son of Jacob Eliazar v.Minden & Mata Juda.

Married 7 Aug 1767 Amersfoort, banns on 24 Jul 1767: Jacob v.Minden, bachelor, assisted by his father Eleazer v.Minden, residing in Amersfoort, and
Metje Jacob Hartogs, maiden from Emden, showing an act of situation [toestand] from her curators, passed in Emden on 5 Apr 1767.

commands were on 24 Jul, 31 Jul & 7 Aug, and married on the last date: jewess, who after proper proof of the fact that in Emden there is no usance to proclaim intended marriages outside the country in theitr town.
Matje Juda Pozena, birth ONG 1750 Emden, died 7 MEI 1825 Utrecht, Matje Juda Pozenaar, 75 yrs.old, widow of Jacob Juda v.Minden.
1) Juda Jacob v.Minden, birth 26 Jun 1772 Amersfoort, circumcision of Juda Jacob v.Minden in Amersfoort on 3 Jul 1772 by mohel Isaac Auerbach., died 29 Jan 1850 Utrecht, Juda Jacob v.Minden, 77 yrs.old, son of Jacob v.Minden & Matje Pozena, spouse of Dina Hartog Herschel.

Event: event 5 OKT 1819 Utrecht premature death of son:
Jacob v.Minden, 2 yrs.old, son of Juda v.Minden & Dina Herschel [born on 21 Oct 1817 in Utrecht]
Event: event between 1862 and 1871 death of additional children on 16 May 1862 in Utrecht death of Eliazer Juda v.Minden, 58 yrs.old.
on 5 Feb 1871 in Utrecht - Aaltje v.Minden, 50 yrs.old.

Married 26 Jul 1796 Amersfoort, banns on 12 Jul 1796 in Amersfoort: Juda v.Minden, major bachelor, assisted by father Jacob v.Minden, and
Dina Hartog Abraham, , minor daughter, assisted by father Hartog Abraham
Dina Hartog Herschel, daughter of Hartog Moshe-Zwi Abraham Herschel and Claartje Gelle Levie Schaap
2) Jannetje v.Minden
Married 23 Jun 1800 Amersfoort, Salomon Mozes Polak, widower of Hester Emanuel, from Amersfoort and Jannetje Jacobs v.Minden, widow of Salomon Fles, from Amersfoort.

banns on 6 Jun 1800 in Amersfoort
Salomon Shalom Mozes Polak, birth 1764 Zwolle, died 30 Sep 1830 Amersfoort, Salomon Mozes Polak, 66 yrs.old, spouse of Jannetje v.Minnen, son of Mozes Polak

buried at the Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (173)040: mohr"r Shalom ben k"h Moshe Polak.

Event: event between 1803 and 1810 sons in Amersfoort on 3 Feb 1803 - birth of Mozes Polak, son of Salomon Polak
on 13 Dec 1807 - birth of Mozes Polak, son of Salomon Polak
on 10 May 1810 - birth of Juda Polak, son of Salomon Polak; Juda Polak died in Amersfoort on 20 Nov 1874, 64 yrs.old, tradesman, unmarried.
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