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Hartog Moshe-Zwi Abraham Herschel, birth 1745, died 6 Sep 1836 Amersfoort, Hartog Abraham Herschel, 91 yrs.old, spouse of Claartje Schaap, son of Abraham Hartog Herschel & Sophia Eliazer.

buried at Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (173)059: k"h Moshe Zwi ben mohr"r Abraham
, son of Abraham Herschel and Sophia Sprins Eleazer
Married ONG 1769 Amersfoort to:
Claartje Gelle Levie Schaap, birth 1748, died 22 MEI 1839 Amersfoort, Clara Schaap, born in Amersfoort, 90 yrs.old, daughter of Levie Schaap & Dina Benjamin, spouse of Hartog Abraham Herschel.

buried at the Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (173)058: Gelle, spouse of khr"r Moshe Zwi z"l
, daughter of Levie Schaap and Dina Benjamin
1) Kaatje Hartog Herschel, birth ONG 1769 Amersfoort, died 21 MEI 1851 Amersfoort, Kaatje Herschel, 81 yrs.old, spouse of Ephraim Levie Visser, daughter of Hartog Abraham Herschel & Clara Schaap.
Married 22 MEI 1791 Amersfoort to:
Ephraim Levi Visser, birth ONG 1765, died 8 Jan 1822 Amersfoort, Ephraim Levie Visser, 56 yrs.old, spouse of Kaatje Hartog Herschel.

buried at Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (173)089: Ephraim ben Leib Fischel.
2) Hester Hartog Herschel, birth ONG 1770 Amersfoort, died 18 Dec 1847 Groningen, Hester Herschel, daughter of Hartog Abraham Herschel & Klaartje Levie Schaap, spouse of Hartog Schaap, born in Amersfoort in 1770. to:
Hartog Schaap
3) Dina Hartog Herschel
Married 26 Jul 1796 Amersfoort, banns on 12 Jul 1796 in Amersfoort: Juda v.Minden, major bachelor, assisted by father Jacob v.Minden, and
Dina Hartog Abraham, , minor daughter, assisted by father Hartog Abraham
Juda Jacob v.Minden, birth 26 Jun 1772 Amersfoort, circumcision of Juda Jacob v.Minden in Amersfoort on 3 Jul 1772 by mohel Isaac Auerbach., died 29 Jan 1850 Utrecht, Juda Jacob v.Minden, 77 yrs.old, son of Jacob v.Minden & Matje Pozena, spouse of Dina Hartog Herschel.
, son of Jacob v.Minden and Matje Juda Pozena
Event: event 5 OKT 1819 Utrecht premature death of son:
Jacob v.Minden, 2 yrs.old, son of Juda v.Minden & Dina Herschel [born on 21 Oct 1817 in Utrecht]
Event: event between 1862 and 1871 death of additional children on 16 May 1862 in Utrecht death of Eliazer Juda v.Minden, 58 yrs.old.
on 5 Feb 1871 in Utrecht - Aaltje v.Minden, 50 yrs.old.
4) Grietje Herschel, birth 1774 Amersfoort, died 27 Jul 1849 Arnhem, Grietje Herschel, 75 yrs.old, spouse of /levij Jacobs, daughter of Hartog Abraham Herschel & Clara Schaap,
Married ONG 1794 to:
Levie Jacobs, birth 1767 Amsterdam, died 9 Jun 1834 Arnhem, Levie Jacobs, 66 yrs.old, spouse of Grietje Herschel, son of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Rachel Zwaab.
5) Jennigje Herschel, birth ONG 1776 Amersfoort, died 10 OKT 1849 Elburg, Jennigje Herschel, 73 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, daughter of Hartog Herschel & Klaatje Schaap, widow of Mozes v.Hamberg.
Married ONG 1798 to:
Mozes Jozeph v.Hamburg, birth ONG 1754 Elburg, died 26 Nov 1844 Elburg, Mozes Jozeph v.Hamberg, 90 yrs.old, son of Jozeph v. Abraham & Matje Oppenheim, spouse of Jennigje Herschel.
Event: event 23 Nov 1852 Deventer premature death of 1 jr.old child of Mozes Joseph v.Hamberg & Jannetje Herschel
6) Heintje Hartog Herschel, birth 1783 Amersfoort
Married 29 Apr 1803 Leeuwarden to:
Hartog David Polak, birth 1762 Lissau, Poland, died 7 Jan 1818 Leeuwarden
7) Isaac Hartog Herschel, birth 1785 Amersfoort, died 2 Sep 1851 Arnhem, Isaac Hartog Herschel, 66 yrs.old, spouse of Elisabeth Ezechegiels[sic] Liona, son of Hartog Abraham Herschel & Claartje Schaap.
Married 23 Dec 1810 Rotterdam, banns of Isaac Hartog Abraham from Amersfoort and Elisabeth Ezechiel Levie in Rotterdam on 28 Nov 1810.
Proclamation of this intended marriage in Amersfoort also on 29 Nov 1810 [bijlagen huwelijken]
Isaac Hartog introduces an act of procuration made up in Amersfoort before the imperial notary Gerardus v.Kleef on 25 Nov 1810.
Elisabeth Ezechiel Leons-Levij, birth 1784 Rotterdam, died 18 MRT 1863 Zwolle, Elizabeth Leons, born in Rotterdam, 78 yrs.old, spouse of Izaac Hartog Herschel, daughter of Ezechiel Leons & Margaretha Ezechiels, daughter of Ezechiel Yecheskel David Leons Levie-Leeuwarden and Judith Mirjam-Gittele Mozes Ezechiels
8) Eliazer Hartog Herschel, birth ONG 1790 Amersfoort, died 19 Jun 1846 Groningen
Married ONG 1816 Leeuwarden to:
Alida Eleazar Herschel
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