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Isaac Hartog Herschel, birth 1785 Amersfoort, died 2 Sep 1851 Arnhem, Isaac Hartog Herschel, 66 yrs.old, spouse of Elisabeth Ezechegiels[sic] Liona, son of Hartog Abraham Herschel & Claartje Schaap., son of Hartog Moshe-Zwi Abraham Herschel and Claartje Gelle Levie Schaap
Married 23 Dec 1810 Rotterdam, banns of Isaac Hartog Abraham from Amersfoort and Elisabeth Ezechiel Levie in Rotterdam on 28 Nov 1810.
Proclamation of this intended marriage in Amersfoort also on 29 Nov 1810 [bijlagen huwelijken]
Isaac Hartog introduces an act of procuration made up in Amersfoort before the imperial notary Gerardus v.Kleef on 25 Nov 1810.
Elisabeth Ezechiel Leons-Levij, birth 1784 Rotterdam, died 18 MRT 1863 Zwolle, Elizabeth Leons, born in Rotterdam, 78 yrs.old, spouse of Izaac Hartog Herschel, daughter of Ezechiel Leons & Margaretha Ezechiels, daughter of Ezechiel Yecheskel David Leons Levie-Leeuwarden and Judith Mirjam-Gittele Mozes Ezechiels
1) Margaretha Herschel, birth 2 Aug 1812 Amersfoort, died 20 MRT 1880 Zwolle, 67 yrs.old, born in Amersfoort
Married 11 Jul 1834 Amersfoort, Margaretha Herschel, 21 yrs.old, from Amersfoort and Joseph Gosschalk, from Zwolle, 31 yrs.old, son of Hartog Joseph Gosschalk & Rachel Marcus. to:
Joseph Gosschalk, birth 1803 Zwolle
2) Abraham Izaac Herschel, birth 2 Aug 1813 Amersfoort, died 8 Apr 1865 Amersfoort, Abraham Izaac Herschel, 52 yrs.old, spouse of Rebekka v.Minden, son of Izaac Hartog Herschel & Elizabeth Ezechiels.
Married 17 Apr 1844 Amsterdam, Abraham Herschel, from Amersfoort, 30 yrs.old, manufacturer son of Isac Hartog Herschel, manufacturer & Elisabeth Leons, , and Rebecca Salomon v.Minden, 27 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, daughter of Salomon Isaacszoon v.Minden, commissionair & Roosje Ma rcus Zoldeer. to:
Rebecca Salomon v.Minden, birth 1816 Amsterdam, died 3 Nov 1894 Amersfoort, Rebecca v.Minden, 78 yrs.old, spouse of Abraham Herschel, daughter of Salomon v.Minden & Roosje Levij.

buried at Jewish cemetery of Amersfoort - tombstone (159)B07-06: Rivka bat Jehoshua, widow of Abraham Herschel
, daughter of Salomon Zelig Isaac Itsak v.Minden and Roosje Reizche Marcus Mordechai Soldeer Levie-Schneider
3) Dina Herschel, birth 28 Aug 1815 Amersfoort
Married 22 Jun 1840 Amersfoort, Dina Herschel, 24 yrs.old and Aron Joseph v.Gelder, from Hindeloopen, 29 yrs.old, son of Joseph David v.Gelder & Sara Joel Levij de Roos. to:
Aron Joseph v.Gelder, birth 1811 Hindeloopen
4) Kaatje Herschel, birth 11 MRT 1818 Amersfoort, died 8 Nov 1895 Amersfoort, 77 yrs.old, spouse of Hijman Levi Jacobs.
Married 4 OKT 1842 Amersfoort, Kaatje Herschel, from Amersfoort, 24 yrs.old and Hijman Levi Jacobs, from Arnhem, 33 yrs.old, son of Levi Jacobs & Grietje Herschel. to:
Hijman Levi Jacobs, birth 1809 Arnhem
5) Sara Herschel, birth 6 Jan 1821 Amersfoort, died 28 Jan 1821 Amersfoort
6) Levie Herschel, birth 7 Feb 1822 Amersfoort
Married 12 Aug 1851 Oud-Beijerland, Levie Herschel, from Amersfoort, 29 yrs.old and Jeannetta de Vries, from Oud-Beijerland, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Meijer de Vries & Sara v.Broek. to:
Jeannetta de Vries, birth 1829 Oud-Beijerland
7) Mozes Herschel, birth 22 Jul 1824 Amersfoort, died 9 Jan 1872 Zwolle, 47 yrs.old, tradesman.
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